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Jungle Gold: Will investors or Chinese miners get to George and Scott first?

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At the rate they are going, if the Jungle Gold team makes it out of Ghana broke but with their lives, they will be doing well.

George and Scott of Discovery Channel's latest gold-digging reality series Jungle Gold are supposedly sitting on a site with over a million dollars of gold in the ground, just waiting for them to dig it up. But, thus far, they’ve only been able to recover about $550 of gold—not enough for them to pay off their enormous debts, and certainly not enough to satisfy their investor, who has put $150,000 into their venture.

Much like Todd Hoffman, who will be having investor issues of his own tonight on Gold Rush, George and Scott are faced with an investor who is ready to cut off the cash if they don’t start producing. Last week, when Scott told investor Mitch that, essentially, they were just a few runs away from scoring, Mitch laughed cynically and said, “I gotta be honest with you. I’m at a point where if you don’t have gold in our hand, I’ll send another guy down to liquidate the whole place, and you’re gonna hate what’s gonna happen to you.”

You know, those Chinese miners next to their claim aren’t the only ones who are scary in this operation—but they certainly are the most immediate threat to the Jungle Gold miners’ well-being:

This week, after his wife called in a panic last week, George is heading home, temporarily one would assume, which leaves Scott all alone in running the operation in the meantime. According to Discovery Channel:

George is suddenly called home to fight a lawsuit, leaving Scott with the responsibility of doubling gold production on their claim. Chinese neighbors threaten their borders and the future of mechanic Travis lies in the balance.

Of course, with what they have pulled out of the ground at this point, "doubling" their production may be aiming a bit too low for their needs.

If Travis, 29, does not make it in Ghana, it won’t be much of a surprise. He suffered a tremendous case of culture shock—life in Salt Lake City, Utah, little resembles life in Ghana, Africa, after all, and Travis had never been outside of the United States previous to this venture, despite having been in the Army. Additionally, although he seems to be a skilled mechanic, Travis is accustomed to working with, well, real parts and tools; the ability to improvise and just make it all work somehow may be beyond his skill-set. Will he be heading home, as well?

Stay tuned.

Jungle Gold airs on Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Travis sent packing; will George and Scott be next?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Jungle Gold

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