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Les challenges Ashley to vintage buying contest on Hardcore Pawn

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Who brings in the top profit on truTVs Hardcore Pawn when Les challenges his daughter to a little learning experience?

It’s just not a good idea to challenge Les at American Jewelry and Loan when it comes to vintage items; the man just knows his stuff. But, Ashley decided to take her dad’s challenge when she had just gotten schooled on a vintage bike Les bought from a customer for $20. As Ashley complained about the condition of the bike, asking her dad, “Why don’t you buy something we can actually sell?,” Les sent her to the back to research the value of the purchase.

“Well, you were right about the bike, Dad. $300. … That thing was beat up to crap.”

“Even beat up crap is still valuable,” Les told her, then challenged her to a vintage buying contest.

“Fine. Game on, Dad.”

My money’s on Les.

Lies Don't Play at AJL

Meanwhile, Seth was dealing with a customer who insisted that his girlfriend had been told over the phone that she could send her boyfriend to the store without a ticket to get her tennis bracelet out of pawn. The girl working with him at the window told him straight-up that no one would ever tell her that at their store, but he kept insisting, so Seth stepped in, eventually having to move out into the lobby to confront him.

“I’m actually calling you a liar in front of the glass, now,” Seth said as he faced the irate customer.

Needless to say, the customer was not happy with his inability to convince Seth that what he was saying was indeed true, but it did not matter—he did not get the bracelet, just a walk to the parking lot.

“We follow the law. We’re not doing business with you if you don’t have either of those [a ticket or a notarized letter from the person on the ticket],” Seth said bluntly in a camera cameo.

DWI: Dressing Without Instructions

Also not happy was a woman who decided that she should get a flat-screen TV for the price of an old-school tube TV, on-clearance for $35. When Seth did not agree, she was also shown the door, polka-dot leggings and all:

The Battle Continues

Ashley got a set of vintage sterling silver Tiffany cups for $575, after some tough negotiating—potentially worth $750 each, according to Les. But, did she celebrate too soon, thinking that the purchase was enough to beat her dad?

“When you’re telling me about how good you’re doing, he’s out front kicking your a@@,” Seth told his sister, pouring cold water on her celebration.

Was Seth right?

Well, Les was out negotiating on some vintage Beeline gas pumps, which he scored for $2,200. Value? $5,000.

Les wins.

“I guess you have to have a vintage brain to have vintage item knowledge,” Ashley told the camera.

Sore loser, maybe?

Stay tuned.

Hardcore Pawn airs on truTV on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

Image: truTV

Video: truTV/Hardcore Pawn

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