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Machines of Glory: Competition meets heavy equipment this Sunday

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Discovery Channel offers viewers a challenge-filled evening, with three crews of highly skilled machine operators facing-off on Machines of Glory.

Like big, bad heavy equipment? Want to see what it can REALLY do in the most skilled of hands? Then check out the Discovery Channel’s newest competition series, Machines of Glory, this weekend.

Machines of Glory will feature three crews of highly skilled machine operators, battling it out to prove who is king of the construction world. Hosted by Johnny Littlefield from “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (ABC) and “Dude Room” (Discovery), Machines of Glory is a unique series in the world of competition reality shows.

“There hasn’t been a heavy equipment competition show like MACHINES OF GLORY,” said Scott Hallock, executive producer of Hallock Healey Entertainment. “This Discovery show is a dream come true for us and anyone who played with their trucks in the sandbox when they were little.”

Operators will be tested in three areas of ability: speed, skill and power. To prove that they are the best of the best, the talented crews will compete in outrageous challenges while operating massive machines ranging from the powerful excavator to the agile skid steer. At the completion of the challenge-filled evening, only one team will earn $12,000 in cash winnings and most importantly, the glory.

The three episodes of Machines of Glory will air back-to-back on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, Dec.30:

  • Episode 1: Backhoe Brawl! at 4 PM E/P: The three crews battle it out to find America's best operators -- bashing piñatas with backhoes, destroying fire hydrants with wheel loaders and pushing their skid steers to the limits in four challenges.
  • Episode 2: Dig & Destroy! at 5 PM E/P: It’s old guys versus young guys versus Boston boys as the top operators battle it out to see who reigns supreme. The teams will manipulate a maze with a backhoe, run an excavator with surgical precision and use a telehandler to launch projectiles from the world’s biggest slingshot.
  • Episode 3: Carmageddon! at 6 PM E/P: In the final episode, the crews will face off in several outrageous challenges: playing poker with skid steers, dropping bombs with excavators and crushing cars with dozers to see who is ultimately the best.

Get a sneak peek of this exciting evening of challenges here:

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Machines of Glory/YouTube


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Just learned of the show and cannot find any mention of it on the Discovery channel. They rerun almost every other show, yet no mention of it in the next 14 days. Anyone know when it will be rerun, or when new shows will air? Thanks

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