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Make a Great Single Cup of Coffee

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Making a great cup of coffee does not have to take much effort or time, just some coffee and hot water!

Black brewed coffee is the most popular brewed coffee beverage in the United States. Oh, it seems at times that the lattes and iced coffees are taking over but, no, it’s good ol’ black coffee that we turn to in the U.S. when we need to wake up in the morning or get an afternoon boost.

Alex Hillsberg prepared a coffee guide on, to give coffee-drinking readers a little heads-up when it comes to making the best cup of coffee they can in the shortest period of time. Hillsberg suggests two methods: Boiled brew and drip brew.

Boiled Brew

Begin the boiled brew method by gathering the things you will need:

  • Pot with lid for brewing
  • Coffee cup
  • Strainer (optional, but a great tool for ground-free coffee)
  • 2 Tbsp. coffee for each cup
  • 6 oz. filtered/bottled water for each cup, boiling


  1. Place coffee in pot.
  2. Pour hot water over coffee and place lid back on pot.
  3. Give pot a swirl.
  4. Pour your just-brewed coffee into the cup, using the strainer to catch the grounds. Enjoy black, or with cream and sugar, as you prefer.

Drip Brew

If you prefer the drip-brew method, gather the following:

  • Coffee carafe or stainless steel pot
  • Coffee filters
  • 2 Tbsp. ground coffee for each cup
  • 6 oz. filtered/bottled water for each cup, boiling


  1. Set paper filter over coffee carafe.
  2. Place coffee in filter.
  3. Pour boiling water slowly over the coffee in the filter, allowing it to drip thru to the carafe.
  4. Pour brewed coffee into cup and enjoy black or with milk and sugar, as you prefer.

Coffee is easy to make and delicious; for more tips on brewing the best coffee, visit

Image: Wikimedia Commons