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Meri shrugs off her budget on Sister Wives finale

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Meri WILL get her wet bar, however much she has to go over her so-called "budget."

Finalizing one home with builders can be a bear of a task; finalizing four homes with four different wives has to seem insurmountable.

Robyn truly does seem to be the most humble of the Sister Wives women. When finalizing her house and looking at options, such as carpet color, she pointed out how insignificant such choices are, and commented, “I just feel blessed and lucky that we/I get this home.”

That is the attitude all of them should be taking, it seems.

But, then there is Meri.

Do the Browns Have Budgets or Not?

Early on, when the Browns started discussing buying these homes, it made sense that Meri would get a few options that the other wives might have to sacrifice because, no, she does not have a house full of children to contend with budget-wise. However, as the building process continued, Meri started appearing more and more greedy along the way. Fine, she wants the wet bar (for the extra counter space, she says, not the actual bar, as the Brown households are dry). But, that led to her having to have a pantry, a hobby room and a fifth bedroom, due to construction option requirements. And, honestly, what does she need with five bedrooms? What does she need with four bedrooms, for that matter? Others have given up options they wanted, such as Janelle giving up the cement pad in her backyard, and Christine making adjustments in her budget in order to get the stone she wanted on the outside of her house.

But not Meri.

Many Huliq readers have commented on Meri’s house demands on various articles throughout the season. KellyG summed it all up pretty well with her comment:

Amen....yes......greedy greedy greedy. There is no way she needs such a huge house and with finances such a stuggle she is no help! Is Mary ever really helpful? She has a chip on her shoulder about only having one child that she seems to want to hang on to now that it is possible for her to have another one.

Ultimately, Meri was over-budget $4665. And, her response?

“I’m just over-budget.”

Interestingly, Meri also commented, “This is something I plan on paying for myself.”

So, why have a budget at all, if she has the extra money socked away to just pay for whatever she wants?

Put the Quilt in the Closet, Logan

The positive part of the episode was the making of a video for Logan, letting him know how much the family will miss him when he leaves for college (although he’s only going to be a half-hour away, at UNLV), as well as signing a quilt with pictures of the entire family included in the pattern. But, he may want to do as Robyn suggested, and flip it over to the opposite side, which has just a pretty pattern, not face after face staring up at him, or at his new roommates and friends at UNLV. Logan himself expressed concern that his very publicly polygamist family could cause him difficulties in the mainstream life he is about to experience, but seemed excited to get out and get some breathing room, away from his very large family. “The thrill of this new adventure is kind of overshadowing my nervousness,” he confirmed.

Actually, maybe Logan should thank his family for the quilt, then fold it up and put it in the closet; it’s sweet, but kinda weird to drag into a dorm, not to mention it will make sure that no one ever forgets that he is part of THE Brown family. It will be a nice thing to take out of the closet and look at in the years to come, but now? Just put it in the closet.

Good luck, Logan; get out, see the world, and make your life your own.

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Submitted by Bree (not verified) on
I love Sister Wives, but I can't stand Meri! I agree with your assessment that the adults are immature and seem to constantly focus on stupid, immature things like who said or thinks what and why it's not fair. I actually like Christine more this season-she is light and fun. Her issue with Robyn was irritating and I'm glad it's over! However, Meri! Where do I start? She is too sensitive and self-absorbed, always whining and bawling over everything. Like when Kody wanted a baby decision, she can't make one she has to cry and say how HE is stressing HER out because she doesn't know. Make a decision already! She gets upset over little comments which require 15 min on the couch (remember the abusive kitchen situation)? Her immaturity has peaked with the homes...her frequent tears about how she is sorry if they feel she is taking from them (other wives) but if she had her way she would need a bigger home to house more kids. Hello Meri! You don't have the kids and can't even decide to have one more so you don't need a huge house. She is sooo selfish-her only kid is leaving the house in less than a year but she deserves an equal home to those with 6 kids? She has to have a wet bar to entertain which makes her have to have a hobby room and extra bedroom. Can't she skip it and use one of her many empty rooms for a hobby room? I love Janelle because she's practical and unselfish, I don't know how she doesn't punch Meri everyday. So Queen Meri needs a bigger house than Janelle and Christine with french doors and other extravagant options? She was over budget going into the options and got angry with Kody for being concerned accusing him of weird negative energy and saying he doesn't understand how hard this is for HER to have to make choices and deal with her budget. I couldn't BELIEVE that Kody actually asked Christine for her left over money to throw into Meri's house. Christine has every right to conserve her budget and splurge on her stone. I really don't know how Kody stays with Meri or how the other wives stand her--she is always complaining and taking everything personally, looking for things to be offended about. She's absolutely ridiculous! I realize that it's pretty lame to take the time to write this and to actually care that much, but I think it's disgusting. I'm getting so sick of her segments on the couch with Kody blaming him and the other wives for attacking her when in reality, she is always the one out of line and the cause of the problems. Please grow up Meri, you act like a spoiled little brat.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Bree's comments totally reflect my disgust with Meri's selfishness... the money for the houses should have been divided by the number of people living in each house. I've gone to very much dislike Meri and admire Janelle so much for her practicality and maturity. I don't know why she's put up with Meri or Cody's pampering to Meri all this time. I would love to see Janelle just slap Meri into place once.

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