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Mobster Confessions: Mafia members share accounts of notorious crime families

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Discovery Channel is launching a new six-part series, Mobster Confessions.

Discovery Channel has announced a new reality television series, Mobster Confessions. Fans will get to see Mafia informants come out of hiding and listen to their shocking stories in detail. Meanwhile, cinematic re-creations will illustrate the circumstances of what are bound to be extraordinary testimonies about Mafia life and crime.

Mobster Confessions is scheduled as a six-part series on the Discovery Channel. The Mafia members who are set to come forward on the show are said to be sharing first-hand testimonies of their own personal experiences among some of the nation’s most notorious underground families. Illegal operations and dealings with the Mafia eventually led to the arrests of the men involved, and with re-enactments and compelling interviews, viewers will get a close-up, behind-the-scenes look at what life in the Mafia is really like in these six episodes.

According to the Discovery Channel, the following are featured in Mobster Confessions:

  • Andrew DiDonato: A New York street thug is seduced by the power and protection of the Gambino crime family. When the family turns on him, he must choose between being hunted by the mob or working with authorities to bring them down.
  • John Veasey: A troubled teen turned hitman kills for the Philadelphia mob but is later targeted by his own Mafia family. After surviving an attempted hit, he testifies against the men he once swore to protect.
  • Frank Cullotta: The riches of a glittering life in Las Vegas tempt a man to do anything, even kill, for the Chicago Outfit. His world is turned upside down when an FBI sting reaches out to warn him that he's about to be whacked by his own Mafia family.
  • Frank Calabrese Jr.: A son, desperate to escape the grip of his brutal Mafia father, faces a difficult decision: turn on his dad or be forced to continue a life of crime.
  • Bill Cutolo Jr.: A son who idolizes his mobster father seeks revenge on his Mafia friends when his dad goes missing.
  • "Big Ron" Previte: A crooked cop turned mob informant whose only motivation is money plays both sides, risking his life to help dismantle the Philadelphia mob.

Mobster Confessions is scheduled to premiere on June 25 at 9 p.m. on the Discovery Channel.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Billy Cutolo Jr. breaks cycle of mafia violence for his son

Image: Discovery Channel

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