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Money creates friction for Ronnie, Carlos on Operation Repo

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There is a reason raises are not usually announced to the entire workplace, and Lou may be learning that lesson this week on Operation Repo.

It’s a new week of towing for truTVs Operation Repo and excitement is in the air—along with some team jealousy.

Matt recently let his paranoia get the best of him, playing a game with Lyndah that he seemed to be playing all alone. He was convinced Lyndah was somehow against him, and that she was pulling schemes with the repos she kept sending him to, but there was no evidence that was going on in reality. To “get back” at her, he sent some repo punks to the office, and they attacked her. Luckily, Ronnie was there, and he rushed in and saved her, with Matt actually coming in, as well (although he felt absolutely no remorse, and even felt it was a job well-done on his part). But, the commotion brought Ronnie to a new level of understanding about how dangerous his job actually is every day, and he began to seriously consider quitting.

“I’m gonna have to talk to Lou, man,” Ronnie said in a camera cameo, “because this job might be a little too dangerous for me. I’ve got stuff to live for. … I’ve got my own family I need to protect. And I can’t protect them if I’m not on this Earth, breathing.”

Ronnie did take his concerns to Lou, who wanted to keep him on his team.

“Just do me one big favor,” Lou told him. “Think about this. Sleep on it, don’t make any decisions while you’re upset. We don’t want to see you go.”

A New Drama Begins

After sleeping on it, Lou apparently decided that keeping Ronnie on the team was worth a few extra dollars out of his pocket, and made the announcement to the team:

“I want everybody to know that I’m giving Ronnie a raise. That being said, he’s going to have more responsibility, and he’s going to be sticking around with us.”

Ronnie, of course, was appreciative. “I really appreciate Lou doing this for me. This is a hard decision. But, if I’m making more money, I can provide better for my little girl. And, knowing that Lou’s got my back really makes me feel safer and more comfortable around here.”

But, not everybody on the team was happy. This week on Operation Repo, according to truTV:

Ronnie’s gotten a raise and a promotion, and Carlos’ jealousy sends him looking for more appreciation. But when his quest for glory goes wrong, will it turn the entire team against him? Matt and Sonia wrangle with a small business owner with some seemingly violent cargo in the back of his truck, Sonia and Froy have some hard lessons for a hipster, and Froy and Carlos get in too deep with a dockworker who just may destroy anything and anyone who messes with his car.

Is there ever a time when drama isn’t tearing the Operation Repo team apart? And, for the moment, Lou does not know that Matt is responsible for his daughter being attacked; will he find out, or will Froy keep the secret to himself?

Stay tuned.

Tonight’s new episode of Operation Repo airs on truTV at 10 p.m.

UPDATED: Carlos's anger, jealousy boil over as he schemes against Ronnie

Image: truTV

Video: truTV/Operation Repo

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