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New wrestling pit brings cheering crowds on Gator Boys

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With no other options, Paul, Jimmy and the crew headed to Mississippi, and found a whole new world than what they are accustomed to in Florida.

The Gator Boys have been working and doing good for gators in Florida, and, as Paul said, it is their home. But, with their gator park under reconstruction, and the future of the site in question, they have no other option but to look in other directions. And, this week, on Animal Planet's hit series Gator Boys, they began looking--and living--in Mississippi.

“Our mission here in Mississippi,” Paul explained, “is to establish an alligator rescue program, at Gulf Coast Gator Ranch, and introduce alligator wrestling, which hopefully will increase their net profit here and allow them to save more alligators.”

As fans of the show will know, the Gator Boys decided to head to Mississippi in last week’s season premiere. The owners of the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch, Curtis and Allan, are happy to have the Gator Boys. During Hurricane Katrina, the ranch had about 200 alligators escape—gators they would like to get back. And, other problems plagued the ranch with the Gulf oil spill. But, as Allan said, they want to be the first to bring alligator wrestling to Mississippi, and are happy to have the Gator Boys there to help them do it.

The gators in Mississippi are a lot bigger than most of the gators Paul and Jimmy dealt with in Florida. Not only that, they seem a lot meaner, and they don’t appear to tire as easily as some of the Florida gators (as fans will know, the guys like to get some of the energy out of the gators before taping their mouths and hauling them away, leading them in circles until they begin to wear down). So, the guys are finding some challenges with the gators themselves.

Building the Pit

Additionally, not having held gator wrestling in the past, Jimmy and Paul found the gator pit at Gulf Coast Gator Ranch to be unsatisfactory. It needed different depths for wrestling and just containing gators, and needed to be sealed and have a roof added. The catch? Gator wrestling had already been advertised for the weekend, giving the team only three days to get the work done. But, as Ashley said, it had to be done.

“You know, I think I speak for all the Gator Boys when I say that if we give our word that we’re gonna come here and do something, we’re certainly gonna push through and get it all done.”

And, yes, they did just that.

Will the Honeymoon Last?

The interesting thing about this season will be to see if Allan and Curtis can continue to get along with Jimmy and Paul. The Gator Boys are not accustomed to working FOR someone, and it has been apparent that they may not be crazy about the experience thus far, especially when Allan came along in the middle of the night and started banging on the door of the guys’ trailer, yelling at them to get up for a gator call.

As Jimmy said, shaking his head with a somewhat forced laugh, “Mississippi.” But, will those scenes continue to play out to the positive as time goes on and Jimmy and Paul get more comfortable in their new surroundings?

Stay tuned.

Gator Boys airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

Image: Animal Planet

Video: Animal Planet/Gator Boys

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