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No Senior revenge, Paul Jr. wins American Chopper: Live Build-Off

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Once again, Paul Jr. was the build-off victor, taking American Chopper: The Revenge last night, and Gas Monkey Garage followed in second place; but what about third and fourth, and the percentages?

As predicted, Paul Jr. won the second American Chopper: Live Build-Off. Taking the live show right down to the wire, the runner-up, Fast N’ Loud was announced, then the winner, Paul Jr. It was disappointing that the third and fourth place rankings were not announced, however, nor were the voting percentages.

It was not surprising, of course, that Paul Jr. won this popularity contest; that was already a given. The interesting part of the contest was who the fans would choose to be the runner-up. Early in the night, it was obvious that the Gas Monkey Guys, Richard and Aaron, had a large contingent of fans in the Vegas audience—larger than Jesse James or Senior. And, while that did not necessarily mean that they would carry second place in the nationwide voting, that did prove to be the case.

To Build or REbuild?

Some complained that Richard and Aaron “rebuilt” their motorcycle, and did not “create” a bike, and, therefore, did not deserve their spot in the competition. But, fortunately, there is no competition rulebook for American Chopper: Live Build-Off that indicates that a bike has to be an unrideable piece of artwork to qualify. Moreover, considering the Gas Monkey Garage bike, Fred, was built and rebuilt from the ground up—even the motor was rebuilt at the Gas Monkey Garage, not simply bought off the shelf and placed in a ride—and considering it was the only bike on the stage that was proven to be a rideable bike—they did ride it from Texas to Vegas, after all, while the other teams hauled their bikes to the contest—Team Fast N’ Loud more than deserved their place in the competition. As one anonymous Huliq reader commented:

There was one chopper on the stage, FaL boys CHOPPED the frame to alter the stance of the bike and BOBBED the bike by altering the fenders, ie: small rear fender, no front fender. Making the bike lighter, faster and WAY COOLER than it was designed. It was CHOPPER BUILD OFF, not custom bike build off.

And, ultimately, as the Gas Monkey Garage guys tweeted after coming in second:

Well, we stuck to our word. We beat JJ with a pink bike!

That they did.

Who Finished Third and Fourth?

Still, it would be nice to know who finished third and fourth, and seems odd that Discovery Channel did not announce those places, as well. Just speculating, it seems likely that Jesse came in third and Paul Sr. finished fourth. At the time of this writing, the only “place” listed on the Discovery Channel website was Paul Jr.’s win. Would Paul Sr.’s entry deserve a fourth-place finish? Absolutely not—look at the work that went into the OCC bike this time around. And, Jesse's bike was shiny but kinda weird--in fact, it looked like he may have taken a page from the Paul Jr. book of motorcycle building. But, again, popularity—or lack of it—would seem to indicate that Paul Sr. once again landed in last place. Perhaps that is why the full results were not announced? An attempt to protect Paul Sr.’s dignity? But, realistically, he could not have really expected to win this competition. Whatever the bike, he just does not have the fans to win a fan-voted competition. Additionally, what fans Senior does have are likely not to be the ones who go around texting all day long, and that was the only way to vote in this contest.

Sound Off to Discovery Channel

So, did the right team win? Or, in fact, as some fans have complained, did ANYBODY deserve to win? Why or why not? And, should Discovery at least release the final results—including the percentages—on the Discovery Chopper Live website?

Sound off below.

UPDATED: Fast N' Loud winners of the Build-Off prank war

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Chopper Live: The Revenge


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
There are a lot of bike builder out there at can build some real nice bikes PJD is not the best out there only because he is on TV it makes it look like he is the best. People should go to some real bike shows and they would see what is out there.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
There are a lot of bike builder out there at can build some real nice bikes PJD is not the best out there only because he is on TV it makes it look like he is the best. People should go to some real bike shows and they would see what is out there.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I don't think you understand what a television audience votes for in a competition like this.. wasn't a competition to see who builds the bike that the most people would buy, it was a competition to see who got the most viewers to vote for their bike...the viewers, being the judges, can only judge the bike based on one thing; THEIR EYES. we cant ride the bike, nor can we watch the whole design/building process therefore we cannot judge which bike rides better or displayed the best craftsmanship. Junior understands that the viewers can only judge the bike on it's looks and both of his build off bikes are visually captivating and pleasing to the eye...simplicity and symmetry are what the eyes are attracted to which manifests in the popularity of Junior's bikes with television audiences more-so than his fellow builders. i guarantee Junior can design and build a functional rider, but so can a ton of bike builders but that wasn't the point of this competition and its not the point of building advertisement bikes on the show. But to make something that people view as artwork which can be ridden is something even the most talented designers can't accomplish if given all the time in the world. If i had unlimited funds and could have anything i wanted i would want a bike designed by Junior, and built by Jesse James

Submitted by JC (not verified) on
this guy gets it. everyone else, read it here then shut up.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It is definitely clear the build off is a popularity contest. In my opinion all of the builders did a great job yea even jesse although i dont care much for his cocky attitude which is why i think a lot of voters did not vote for him. Regardles it is a chopper build off therefore PJD and the Gas Monkey boys came in their rightful place .PJD did a great bike. I didnt care much for the pink bike. It looked like your standard chopper bike that Paul Sr n Jr have designed a thousands times. But i must admit Jesse and Sr build awesome bikes. Srs went to far with the not a chopper rider. I love crotch rockets and would love to own either of those. Great work fellas. Now how about yall continue your build offs twice a year. I would really hate to see that go away and im sure i speak for millions of your fans as well. If there is another build off why dont we call it American Chopper Innovative Bike Build Off. lets see what new ideas these guys can come up with.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Instead of riding it to Vegas they should have borrowed JRs. Toyota, now that's more like real Texans!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Instead of riding it to Vegas they should have borrowed JRs. Toyota, now that's more like real Texans!

Submitted by abe (not verified) on
the right bike did in fact win,yet this go around discovery seemed to be all about the MONEY! highly advertized,ads every 5 mins & just cutting the victors far as OCC & Jesse's bikes they looked like small mini bikes.Maybe OCC will finally fire that idiot Jason & paqul sr. & Jesse will start a line of production bikes that are affordable & cool! ofcourse sr will have to convince Jesse to take down that insulting sign of his,"Pay up Sucker"

Submitted by Domino (not verified) on
Jesse said he was building a mix of sport bike (ducatti) and Harley (motor was V-twin, but not Harley). He said,"something no one else had done before"... REALLY?!?... Maybe he has never heard of Eric Buell? Or if you want a Big Twin sportbike try a Confederate. Both have been around for years. Another quote from Jesse "I made 99%"... HUH? The motor came straight from a crate (1%?). In the end he had to call in the experts (Baker) cuz he was in over his head... Senior's bike was kinda cool.. OMG on the $$$.. I liked watching the frame made.. Juniors bike? I like rat rod style, but Hey, would you ride that thing? (embarrasing) A car bike??? Arlen Ness did such a nice job on his '57 Chevy bike... Gas Monkey built the motor and a bike you could actually ride, Ol Skool... I would ride it... Watcing the builds=cool. Pranks=lame(xcept Gas Monky impersination of OCC,haha). Vegas=Lame-o I think I'll keep my FXR.....

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
That's whats weird about some of these contests. A lot of the bikes built are just not made to ride. Their essentially works of art. There was only one actual ridable motorcycle in this contest. Which is fine, people that watch Discovery channel should know what to expect. The OCC and PJ bikes (at least the theme bikes) are never designed to be ridden. I doubt if any of them would stand up to 20K a year. Their sculptures. JJ bikes are generally high dollar bikes that look really cool, but I doubt you would want to ride more than a couple hundred miles a day, if that on one of them. The Gas Monkey bike was ridable and looked good. If this was a contest for a bike that someone would actually use, I would pick them. I also wondered how come JJ had never heard of the Buell before.


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