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No Senior revenge, Paul Jr. wins American Chopper: Live Build-Off

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Once again, Paul Jr. was the build-off victor, taking American Chopper: The Revenge last night, and Gas Monkey Garage followed in second place; but what about third and fourth, and the percentages?

As predicted, Paul Jr. won the second American Chopper: Live Build-Off. Taking the live show right down to the wire, the runner-up, Fast N’ Loud was announced, then the winner, Paul Jr. It was disappointing that the third and fourth place rankings were not announced, however, nor were the voting percentages.

It was not surprising, of course, that Paul Jr. won this popularity contest; that was already a given. The interesting part of the contest was who the fans would choose to be the runner-up. Early in the night, it was obvious that the Gas Monkey Guys, Richard and Aaron, had a large contingent of fans in the Vegas audience—larger than Jesse James or Senior. And, while that did not necessarily mean that they would carry second place in the nationwide voting, that did prove to be the case.

To Build or REbuild?

Some complained that Richard and Aaron “rebuilt” their motorcycle, and did not “create” a bike, and, therefore, did not deserve their spot in the competition. But, fortunately, there is no competition rulebook for American Chopper: Live Build-Off that indicates that a bike has to be an unrideable piece of artwork to qualify. Moreover, considering the Gas Monkey Garage bike, Fred, was built and rebuilt from the ground up—even the motor was rebuilt at the Gas Monkey Garage, not simply bought off the shelf and placed in a ride—and considering it was the only bike on the stage that was proven to be a rideable bike—they did ride it from Texas to Vegas, after all, while the other teams hauled their bikes to the contest—Team Fast N’ Loud more than deserved their place in the competition. As one anonymous Huliq reader commented:

There was one chopper on the stage, FaL boys CHOPPED the frame to alter the stance of the bike and BOBBED the bike by altering the fenders, ie: small rear fender, no front fender. Making the bike lighter, faster and WAY COOLER than it was designed. It was CHOPPER BUILD OFF, not custom bike build off.

And, ultimately, as the Gas Monkey Garage guys tweeted after coming in second:

Well, we stuck to our word. We beat JJ with a pink bike!

That they did.

Who Finished Third and Fourth?

Still, it would be nice to know who finished third and fourth, and seems odd that Discovery Channel did not announce those places, as well. Just speculating, it seems likely that Jesse came in third and Paul Sr. finished fourth. At the time of this writing, the only “place” listed on the Discovery Channel website was Paul Jr.’s win. Would Paul Sr.’s entry deserve a fourth-place finish? Absolutely not—look at the work that went into the OCC bike this time around. And, Jesse's bike was shiny but kinda weird--in fact, it looked like he may have taken a page from the Paul Jr. book of motorcycle building. But, again, popularity—or lack of it—would seem to indicate that Paul Sr. once again landed in last place. Perhaps that is why the full results were not announced? An attempt to protect Paul Sr.’s dignity? But, realistically, he could not have really expected to win this competition. Whatever the bike, he just does not have the fans to win a fan-voted competition. Additionally, what fans Senior does have are likely not to be the ones who go around texting all day long, and that was the only way to vote in this contest.

Sound Off to Discovery Channel

So, did the right team win? Or, in fact, as some fans have complained, did ANYBODY deserve to win? Why or why not? And, should Discovery at least release the final results—including the percentages—on the Discovery Chopper Live website?

Sound off below.

UPDATED: Fast N' Loud winners of the Build-Off prank war

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Chopper Live: The Revenge


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Amen!! I have always respected Jesse, but his comment about American sport bikes made me want to punch him in the face. He built a Buell. Or a variant of anyway.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I believe first and second places should have been reversed. Gas Monkey should have won first. They had a bike you could ride comfortablely and proved it by riding it to the competition. Their bike wasn't monstrously huge like Paul Jr's. His bike looked extremely long, huge, and probably uncomfortable to ride for any distance. (It looked more like a show piece.) Therefore not fun to ride and that to me is what bikes are all about. FUN!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Every builder, or supervisor in Paul Sr's case, rode their bike at some point, that is except JJ...did I miss that?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Look first jesse's bike was cool occ wasnt a bike at all there was no skill involved it was a big peice of junk bolted together tbe kid jason(so called designer lol) put together a completely computer machined how talented is that. Gas monkey did a good job on taking an existing bike and alteringit into a true chopper. Even though pauls bike was huge it was a sick bike he even said it was a little hard riding itbut it was bad

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
yippie ki yah, don't mess with texas, go back across the border with ur half brothers and sisters

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
yippie ki yah, don't mess with texas, go back across the border with ur half brothers and sisters

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Voted for & LOVE the guys @ Gas Monkey! They know what's cool and deserve to win over jesse- whats his face and paul senior citizen! But P Jr had the $ resources to make a truely 1st place bike! WOOOW!

Submitted by Icon (not verified) on
I think that is the issue. Its the best bike. What is "the best bike" Is it one that someone builds every piece? Is it one that is artistically pleasing? Is it one that is most comfortable to ride? The best bike is like arguing who the best baseball player is or the best car etc. There are so many things to take into consideration. I highly respect a builder that does everything old school and builds each part by hand. I think JJ has skills. However having an art background I highly respect Juniors bike looks. Im sure many have the skills JJ has as well however financially, time wise it doesn't make sense. Why build someting by hand in 3 days when you can modify or purchase something already built?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Well, the biker build-off showed itself to be a popularity contest. Due to a lack rules on the build-off, a winner is difficult to pick. Unless these bikes are judged by professional bike builders, only the outside design appearance makes any difference. It takes a skilled metal man to appreciate the types of things that make an innovative mechanical bike. I think that Sr and Jessie probably build a tremendous bike that would last forever and have lots of great fabrication. The Fast and Furious boys built a "riders bike" but that didn't help Jessie last time, so he went for a sport look. With voting as it currently is, they might as well have bikes with mock motors. The bikes should be judged by professionals who actually look closely, ride and test the bikes and then you would have something!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Next years build off should be a 3 way build off between the boys on Moonshiners, see who can build the best still and the winner will be determined by a "drink off". This biker build off is nothing but a popularity contest between guys with shows on Discovery Channel. The Fast and Loud boys did what they do, they flipped a bike. Jr came with a "car" bike and both Jessie and Sr. came with Sport Bikes. I thought the show was called "Chopper Live" but I did not see anything I would consider to be a chopper


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