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No Senior revenge, Paul Jr. wins American Chopper: Live Build-Off

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Once again, Paul Jr. was the build-off victor, taking American Chopper: The Revenge last night, and Gas Monkey Garage followed in second place; but what about third and fourth, and the percentages?

As predicted, Paul Jr. won the second American Chopper: Live Build-Off. Taking the live show right down to the wire, the runner-up, Fast N’ Loud was announced, then the winner, Paul Jr. It was disappointing that the third and fourth place rankings were not announced, however, nor were the voting percentages.

It was not surprising, of course, that Paul Jr. won this popularity contest; that was already a given. The interesting part of the contest was who the fans would choose to be the runner-up. Early in the night, it was obvious that the Gas Monkey Guys, Richard and Aaron, had a large contingent of fans in the Vegas audience—larger than Jesse James or Senior. And, while that did not necessarily mean that they would carry second place in the nationwide voting, that did prove to be the case.

To Build or REbuild?

Some complained that Richard and Aaron “rebuilt” their motorcycle, and did not “create” a bike, and, therefore, did not deserve their spot in the competition. But, fortunately, there is no competition rulebook for American Chopper: Live Build-Off that indicates that a bike has to be an unrideable piece of artwork to qualify. Moreover, considering the Gas Monkey Garage bike, Fred, was built and rebuilt from the ground up—even the motor was rebuilt at the Gas Monkey Garage, not simply bought off the shelf and placed in a ride—and considering it was the only bike on the stage that was proven to be a rideable bike—they did ride it from Texas to Vegas, after all, while the other teams hauled their bikes to the contest—Team Fast N’ Loud more than deserved their place in the competition. As one anonymous Huliq reader commented:

There was one chopper on the stage, FaL boys CHOPPED the frame to alter the stance of the bike and BOBBED the bike by altering the fenders, ie: small rear fender, no front fender. Making the bike lighter, faster and WAY COOLER than it was designed. It was CHOPPER BUILD OFF, not custom bike build off.

And, ultimately, as the Gas Monkey Garage guys tweeted after coming in second:

Well, we stuck to our word. We beat JJ with a pink bike!

That they did.

Who Finished Third and Fourth?

Still, it would be nice to know who finished third and fourth, and seems odd that Discovery Channel did not announce those places, as well. Just speculating, it seems likely that Jesse came in third and Paul Sr. finished fourth. At the time of this writing, the only “place” listed on the Discovery Channel website was Paul Jr.’s win. Would Paul Sr.’s entry deserve a fourth-place finish? Absolutely not—look at the work that went into the OCC bike this time around. And, Jesse's bike was shiny but kinda weird--in fact, it looked like he may have taken a page from the Paul Jr. book of motorcycle building. But, again, popularity—or lack of it—would seem to indicate that Paul Sr. once again landed in last place. Perhaps that is why the full results were not announced? An attempt to protect Paul Sr.’s dignity? But, realistically, he could not have really expected to win this competition. Whatever the bike, he just does not have the fans to win a fan-voted competition. Additionally, what fans Senior does have are likely not to be the ones who go around texting all day long, and that was the only way to vote in this contest.

Sound Off to Discovery Channel

So, did the right team win? Or, in fact, as some fans have complained, did ANYBODY deserve to win? Why or why not? And, should Discovery at least release the final results—including the percentages—on the Discovery Chopper Live website?

Sound off below.

UPDATED: Fast N' Loud winners of the Build-Off prank war

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Chopper Live: The Revenge


Submitted by Jonathan Pilsner (not verified) on
my points in random order: 1) Senior didn't do anything. His crew built the bike. 2) Dick of the GMG didnt' do anything either. 3) The GMG bike was a refurb. They did rebuild a great bike, I would love to own it, but no orginality. 4) JJ did build his by hand, but he built what he wanted. Who else would want that bike. 5) JJ failed on the deadline. Business is about meeting deadlines. 6) the beared guy from GMG bitched about the deadline missing by JJ, but without merit. He claims that he could have done more. He could have anyway , he finished in 4 1/2 weeks. He had another 1 1/2 weeks. 7) Jr is a great guy, after his victory, he pointed to Heaven and gave Glory to God. (not himself)

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I just wonder how long this Texas to Vegas trip took. It was supposedly over 1,000 miles and he lit out of the shop in his T-shirt and tennies. Richard left with a "dresser" and was later filmed on a green custom bike. I would guess 4 1/2 weeks for the build and the other week and half for the run. That bike must have had maybe a gallon tank so I can imagine the stops they made. In my younger biker days (61' panhead), a 300 mile trip required a bit more preparation plus a much larger capacity gas tank. No back up trucks and extra bikes. I would bet anything the show bike did not log all those miles.

Submitted by JC (not verified) on
Heres why Jr won and more importantly why the others lost. i disagree: Jr did not win because everyone likes him. i like Jr but i didnt vote for him cause of that. i voted for him becasue hes the designer on the stage. lets look at the other bikes. - JJ commented that FaL's bike was from the 90's, Jesse, your bike was from the Buell catalogue. its a friggin Buell. if your ego wasnt blocking your vision you'd see that. transmission as the center mount - dude, sports bike designers have been doing the same sort of thing for 30 years. - Sr - 2 words: Confederate Hellcat. hey, if any one should be pissed it should be them. Jason stole their entire Hellcat design then commenced to screw it up. you want to see a real v-twin sport bike master piece - checkout CONFEDERATE - Hellcat, Wraith, and Combat are unbelievable. Jason's design yet again did not flow. it wasnt just the front end but the swingarm looked like Sr's eye brow. Jason, we are all telling you to get lost. - FaL- nice bike and in fact does capture the true nature of chopping and bobbing. chopper meant just that - chop an existing frame to make it your own. i thought it was smooth and simple and clean but just not that hard for a bike shop. Nuff said.

Submitted by Big Al (not verified) on
Juniors bike fit the context of the show over the last ten years. He didn't step out of the box and build something out of character like a sport bike. It was spot on in concept and design. Jesse James bike was certainly a cool bike... but what was it? Street racer? Dirt bike? Little bit of both? Wouldhave better served himself if he'd have taken a lot of those design elements (engine/frame) and made it more of a chopper style, with longer front end and bigger rubber on the rear. The Fast N'Loud boys built a fine bike, but the workmanship I'm sure they put in to it didn't translate on to the TV screen. It sat there looking all the world like 1000 other customized Harleys. I wish I could see it in person so that I could better appreciate it. And finally Seniors bike... or Jasons... or whoever gave final approval to it. Guys, lets take a hundred or so pounds off that front end and give us spmething with less bulk, cut back that protruding exhaust that seems like its not finished, and put some makeup on that pig. The lack of color makes it look incomplete. Had you even just done the frame in red or blue, or some other something (gold, bronze, it would have made a world of difference. Jason may be a good graphic designer (as he shouted about) but as artist he still lacks a little sump'n sump'n... I gonna miss this show. It's been a favorite of mine for ten years. The best to you American Chopper guys!

Submitted by Charlie (not verified) on
Instead of trying to insite a fight on the build off show, why not let everyone know the complete voting precentages of the competion. It's BS to keep third and fourth places and voting results hidden, makes the whole thing look like it is, fake! Very poor programming!

Submitted by IncasGold (not verified) on
Amen, Charlie......AAAAAAMEN. I don't believe they (Discovery) ever published the results from the 1st Buildoff; therefore, I expected nothing from the 2nd.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Finally other person with some common sense who gets it, all this intellectual crap was making me sick, great comment man, I'll drink to that, and to all the posers who thinks Jr. is great, he sucks!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
For the Buell people, I ride a Harley, but I also own 4 jap dirt bikes, I love all types of bikes, I just love motorcycles. Jesse knows all about Buell and for him to totally dismiss an American made sport bike company that has been struggling to stay alive was ignorant and highly disrespectful. I have been watching this dude for years like many others and this confused me. Sometimes when he drops the BS, he can say and do some very profound things, he once said he believes in equal treatment for all and special treatment for no one, I agree, he has three legged rescue dogs, he had a Dwarf and a guy with autism cleaning his shop, that's great, that's the guy that was able to run a sucsessful business and land a big movie star and T,V, contracts! the guy that lost his hot wife and closed his business comes out to much lately. Hopefully he will wake up and start building great bikes again, but maybe not, I guess we'll see are maybe not.

Submitted by GuitarPicker95 (not verified) on
I say Jr. was the only one who deserved to win. He built an outstanding, custom chopper. Fast and Loud (restored) a bike! Team Sr. machined a sports bike, And Jesse built a sports bike. They practically gave the build off to Jr! If there was a 3rd I'd expect Jr. to win again.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think the Discovery channel did a very poor job with the results of the Vegas build- off. The fans as well as the guys building the bikes deserve to know the numbers behind the results of this competition.Nowhere can you find the number of votes for each bike.That's BS!


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