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Operation Repo: Bounty hunting becomes part of the weekly chaos

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Repossessions can be really wild and crazy, but Operation Repo on truTV really gets really wild when bounty hunting becomes part of the picture.

Watching Operation Repo on truTV recently, my first thought was, “What in the world?”

During the repo of a motorcycle, some weird cowboy-looking guy shows up, handcuffs and all, and snatches the owner of the motorcycle, and takes him away as the guys took the bike. And, as they kinda assisted in getting him cuffed and taken away in the vehicle as Lou drove off on the bike, Froy and Carlos began to worry that they had just assisted in a kidnapping.

“We got the repo, that’s all I know,” Froy said, trying to make sense of the situation. “All I know is someone better have some explanations at the office.”

Then, the same weird cowboy guy comes into the office, starting to pitch a fit, wanting to get his Caddy back—but it was all a joke, at least to the cowboy and Lou.

Turns out that Lou decided to get into the bounty hunter business, along with repoing, and the weird cowboy guy? He is Rusty Marx, the self-proclaimed “Gypsy Hunter.”

Besides the fact that, yes, this is yet another show featuring a “gypsy” facet, a name considered a slur among the people referred to by the epithet, it’s a potentially dangerous move for the repo guys. But, technically, it could makes sense to combine the two if, statistically, a lot of the team's repos are from people who have bounties on their heads. So, it could make good business sense.

Still, perhaps Matt had a good point:

“Repossessing cars and bounty hunting, two different ballgames. And, not a one of us is properly trained; someone is gonna get hurt.”

An Odd Week on Operation Repo

In an even odder twist, a house was being burglarized as the gang was repoing a car one night. And, Matt and Carlos found some common ground where they may just be on the way to being friends. Weird episode.

But, hey, it’s Operation Repo—anything can happen, right?

Will the Operation Repo team get onboard with Lou's new bounty hunter scheme? And, how will Rusty Marx fit in around the office and in the field?

Stay tuned for this week's new episode of Operation Repo on truTV, Wednesday, August 15, at 10 p.m.

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Image: Mark Hill, Courtesy of truTV

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