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Parole Diaries: Agents care but keep it tough, real

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Parole Diaries shows agents can be caring and understanding, but can still be tough and do what needs to be done to keep the public safe.

Parole Diaries continues this week in the “land of second chances” on TV One, where one-time prison inmates are allowed to finish their time on the outside. Doing so, they must deal with parole officers—and parole officers must deal with them.

Parole Agent Denise Jackson is a hard-core agent, with the motto, “Never give up.” Her “tough love” approach is for her clients’ own good, she explains. This week, she is dealing with Terry Middleton, now on parole for approximately six months. “She has a very strong, emotional personality,” Agent Jackson says. She ended up in the system because she was stealing to support a drug habit. Agent Jackson is trying to help her not only clean up her lifestyle, but to, bluntly, stop having children.

“So, you’ve got 11 kids, and I think five were adopted outright?” Agent Jackson asks her. “Oldest 25, your youngest five, you ain’t got custody of none of them. You make sure you get some birth control method, pills or something.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Middleton, only 40 years old, tells her, but not convincingly; she seems to just be saying what the agent wants her to say.

Big Brother or Big Sister

Agent Justin Bennett says, “Being a parole office is kinda like being a police officer, but it’s also like being a big brother or big sister.” But, a really tough brother or sister.

Currently, Agent Bennett is trying to help 57-year-old Samuel Young, a crack addict originally sentenced to eight years for burglary. Previously, he was a government worker, well-paid for recycling scrap metal. But, today drugs are keeping him down, plus he is dealing with diabetes.

“He just can’t shake the drug addiction,” Agent Bennett says. A drug screen proves that he is still in the grip of drugs, as he tests positive for cocaine. Not surprisingly, Young denies he has taken anything. He admits that he has recently smoked marijuana, but does not want to admit to cocaine use.

“It had to be about four or five days ago,” he finally admits, “but it was so small!”

“It doesn’t matter. You shouldn’t be smoking anything!” Agent Bennett exclaims. “If I feel like I need to lock you back up to save your life, then I’m gonna lock you back up,” he tells Young.

"I Do Not Hesitate"

Agent Gerald Carter is an extremely strict agent, working with sex offenders. “I hope for the best, but I do not hesitate to send them back to the facility.”

Robert Mitchell was first convicted in 1990, and is both mentally and physically disabled. He is a twice-convicted sex offender. He is being monitored with an electronic monitor on his ankle.

“He does attempt to look for work,” Agent Carter says. “The problem is, I just don’t think he presents well. But, he is on disability; he does try, so I give him credit for stuff like that.”

Credit or not, Agent Carter says it is necessary to keep a constant watch on sex offenders. “I’m concerned about things happening. I don’t want to see a child get violated from a guy that’s on my case load. That’s why you’re always on watch.” To keep a closer eye, Agent Carter will soon be doing a home visit with Mitchell.

Will Terry Middleton listen to Agent Jackson and end her cycle of near-constant pregnancy? How will Agent Bennett decide to deal with his client’s cocaine violation? And, will Agent Carter’s home visit with his client lead to Robert Mitchell going back to prison?

Stay tuned.

Prison Diaries airs on TV One on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. (ET).

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Submitted by Carolina_Cutie (not verified) on
Enjoyed this look inside the parole system. Agents Carter and Jackson are the breakout stars for me. I look forward to catching more episodes on my DVR.

Submitted by Ms. Michigan City (not verified) on
I really enjoyed the show. Although it's serious, Agent Jackson and Carter is soooooooo funny. The faces that he makes and the comments she makes. Neither one seems to be playing around with these people. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by Ms. Michigan City (not verified) on
Agent Bennett is so laid back but serious at the same time. He has his funny quirks as well and a big heart. I liked to fact that he did give the last gentlemen another chance. But most importantly, I am glad his client came clean with him on how much he spent on the drugs and he kept his promise by admitting himself to the clinic.

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