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Parole Diaries: Testing Agent Carter is not a smart plan of action

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New episodes return tonight on TV One, and the keyword for the agents? Patience.

Parole Diaries is back on TV One with all-new episodes, beginning tonight, when Agent Denise Jackson, Agent Gerald Carter, Agent Gerald Carter and Agent Tracy Irvin have their hands full—and patience tested.

Agent Jackson is known for her “tough love” methods, and she will go to the very end of her abilities to help her parolee “clients.” But, when she has had enough, she has had enough, and she will do what has to be done, whether that means keeping a parolee out and working on beating an addiction, or sending them back behind bars for their own good, as well as the good of the public. This week, Agent Jackson is trying to find a way to help Brenda McMitchell, a repeat offender who has been on her caseload for more than a decade, from repeating yet again.

Parolee Brenda McMitchell has been dealing with a heroin addiction for over twenty years. Additionally, her felonies number beyond two-dozen. Not wanting her to fail yet again, Agent Jackson struggles to keep Brenda from adding another conviction to her already long rap sheet, and keep her from returning to prison—but will her tough love be enough?

March to the Beat or Go Back

Agents Irvin and Carter are tag-teaming on the case of convicted sex offender Morris Van Fossan. Parolee Fossan is accustomed to Agent Irvin, who has been extremely patient with her parolee's antics. However, Agent Irvin’s career path shifts, and she leaves for another office, sending Fossan to Agent Carter’s caseload—and Agent Carter is not known for his patience with sex offenders. It isn’t long before Agent Carter and Fossan are butting heads, and the outcome is clear as crystal: Either Fossan is going to march to the beat of Agent Carter’s no-nonsense supervision drum, or he is going back to prison.

“Me and Carter don’t get along,” Fossan whines to Agent Irvin. He is convinced that he will be violated and sent back, regardless of what he does, because the last time he was on parole, Agent Carter sent him back to prison because he refused a polygraph; but, whose fault was that? And, as viewers of Parole Diaries will know, Agent Carter is strict, but fair. So, as Agent Irvin told Fossan, as long as he does as he is supposed to do, he will be fine. But, will he test Agent Carter’s patience—or push him too far?

Agent Bennett also has his hands full with parolee Kasey Harris, a drug addict struggling to overcome her addictions. She is trying, working her way through drug treatment classes. However, Agent Bennett is concerned his client may just have too many things on her plate, and one misstep may send her spinning back into a relapse.

Will the agents’ efforts pay off for their clients, or will some—or all—of them be heading back behind bars?

Stay tuned.

Parole Diaries airs on TV One on Wednesday nights at 8/7c.

Image: TV One

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