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Paula Deen Fans Make Their Butter Count with Unique Protest

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What better way to protest the absence of Paula Deen than with an empty butter wrapper?

Thought Paula Deen fans were just going to let her go without a fight? No, and the Food Network, QVC, Smithfield Foods and others are finding that out in a truly unique protest.

Paula Deen fans have started mailing empty butter wrappers to the Food Network and other former Deen business partners, protesting her release following her recent publicity problems. Deen admitted to using the “N-word,” and her empire began to crumble around her, including losing her shows on the Food Network. Fans of the Southern cook are ready to forgive and move forward, however.

John Schmitt, a hotel night auditor in Indianapolis, began the campaign, CNN reported. In Schmitt’s opinion, Deen was betrayed by the Food Network, QVC, and all of the other sponsors who dropped all connection with her. "She made a mistake 20 years ago," he told CNN. "We all make mistakes. I've said things I regret."

The butter-wrapper campaign was created after careful consideration by Schmitt, who also thought about mailing actual sticks of butter, but decided that the waste of butter was not an option. Additionally, the butter would most likely melt during shipping, creating a mess throughout the postal service. So, he came up with the idea of shipping clean butter wrappers with the words, “Where is Paula?” written on them.

Schmitt also created a “We Support Paula Deen” Facebook page, which now has approximately 602,000 “likes” at this writing, and a website, And, if anyone is wondering, they are clear on who they are NOT on the Butter For Paula website:

  • We are not activists
  • We are not a group motivated by a political agenda, and we are not affiliated with any political organization
  • We are not affiliated with any religious organization or church
  • Butter for Paula is not affiliated with Paula Deen Enterprises, The Bag Lady Foundation, or Stitches ‘n Dishes

According to Schmitt, they are simply like-minded supporters of Paula Deen who decided to do something to right the wrongs they feel have been committed against the star.

If you are interested in supporting Paula Deen via the Butter for Paula campaign, or would like to learn more about it, visit the We Support Paula Deen Facebook page, or visit the Butter for Paula website.

Image: Wikimedia Commons