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Princess Christine pouts her way to Nauvoo on Sister Wives

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Do the Browns actually watch themselves on Sister Wives, or do they simply not see a need to make any changes in their family structure?

It is absolutely amazing how immature the adults of the Brown family are on an ongoing basis.

Everyone has moments of immaturity now and then; it is almost impossible to avoid. But, the Browns never seem to deviate from their immaturity. In fact, immaturity is one of the stabilizing constants of their lives, such as it is. If the Browns were not consumed by their immature actions, decisions, and verbal slap-fights between wives, who would they be?

Princess Christine

Christine has to be the worst of the wives, as far as maturity level goes. In last night’s episode, she actually described herself as a “princess,” and seemed rather proud of the fact that she acts like a teenager most of the time, with husband Kody proudly echoing her "princess" status. Actually, some of the Brown teenagers present themselves in a much more mature fashion than “mom” Christine, so it is probably unfair to them to say that Christine “acts like a teenager.” But, in fact, Christine presents herself as a stereotypical teen, whining about having to stay on a schedule, and acting as if the world simply revolves around her. When she is not whining about what she doesn’t want, what she doesn’t have, or what attention she is not getting, she is pouting about how Kody shouldn’t be using words like “obey” or “rotate." Curiously, in fact, all of the wives protested Kody's use of the word "rotate." This, of course, leads one to wonder just how much of a fantasy world do they live in, if they do not want to admit that their husband rotates his time between them? What exactly would they call it?

Christine, of course, appears to be completely blind regarding her own destructive behavior, typically becoming the victim when she is challenged.

“Kody, you’re the only one complaining,” she said one night on the trip to Nauvoo. “We’re trying to make it all work.”

Does she ever listen to herself?

Organization, Organization, Organization

Any family has to have organization; any family needs leadership. Does that mean that someone has to be a dictator? No, of course not. But, the Brown family doesn’t appear to have any focus whatsoever, except for Christine’s unwavering focus on herself. They apparently cannot even make a simple bathroom stop without taking two hours to do so; doesn’t that tell them that perhaps it is time to seriously consider some kind of revamping of the family structure?

One of the benefits—beyond the no doubt financial ones—of being on a television show like Sister Wives should be the ability to see, plainly, how everyone’s selfish behavior is affecting the success—or lack thereof—of the family. But, the Browns apparently do not use the footage they capture for any reflection. They just seem to keep speeding down the same destructive paths over and over and over, with Wife #3, Princess Christine, leading the way.

Stay tuned.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c. Next Sunday, the 2-hour season finale of Sister Wives will begin at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Meri just shrugs off her home budget on finale

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Submitted by Lucy123 (not verified) on
So true, all of it. In my opinion they got spoiled from the Media attention and the Money they make with the Show. I recently watched Season 1- First Episode. That was quite interesting, you can See how much they changed. At the beginning of this show I really believe they where a nice, functinal Family. Even though I do Not believe in polygamie, they seemed nice, decent, and Overall they worked. 3 out of 4 adults where having à Job, and Christine was watching the Kids, so they all worked. Now they get Crazy because their days are not structured anymore, plus they have too much Time in Hands. Its just sad.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Funny but I thought Christine was the only "normal" one. She has a mind of her own and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She knows it isn't working and I can see her leaving the group. They all feel that the "family" is falling apart and I can't see how 4 different houses is going to change that -- what difference if they're closer together -- they don't seem to live too far apart now.

Submitted by CaboCara (not verified) on
People need to understand that polygamy is NOT all “sister wives” and “big love” or the Dargers. UT, AZ and other states in fact DO "turn a blind eye" to FLDS polygamy where children (girls as young as 12) are married off to much older men and then live off of welfare, food stamps and Medicaid (known as "bleeding the beast")... as discussed in new book "plygs", a fact based journalistic view at the REAL world of polygamy... Warren Jeffs, the leader of this group (serving a life sentence for child rape) has recently ordered that only 15 men in the group can procreate with ANY of the women of their choice within the group… and just 2 weeks ago from his jail cell in TX he has ordered the businesses on the UT/AZ border be closed, apparently predicted an apocalypse and told his followers to build backpacks and be ready to go at a moments notice. He has banned consumption of oatmeal, corn, turnips and dairy products....This ALL after the findings of his journal about a bed ordered to be specially made for the purpose of sexually assaulting hundreds of young girls were outlined in pages of a diary he referred to as 'priesthood records'. He told his followers the bed must be made of hardwood, sturdy so it wouldn't rattle, long enough to hold his frame and covered with a plastic sheet to 'protect the mattress from what will happen on it'.... now a lot of the families from TX have moved out of the ranch... this means that many young girls are being moved across state lines or even across the border to Canada this is human trafficking for sexual reasons... another federal offence... the government does NOT seem to be doing anything at this time...this group in UT / AZ / TX are nothing but pedophiles and welfare cheats...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You're comparing a cult to Sister Wives and there's no comparison. All polygamists are not in cults.

Submitted by CaboCara (not verified) on
As I said.... "People need to understand that polygamy is NOT all “sister wives” and “big love” or the Dargers." WOW, you are a bit more upset about our comments and the book than the LDS are... no reason to get upset... we are not against you... just the horror of the FLDS and Jeffs group... as long as you dont "marry" children and then live off of our tax dollar I am just fine with you :) You might want to read 'plygs' you might understand then ...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Defensive? Upset? Not really. It just seemed out of place to use this blog as your platform against cults. I think most people do understand the horror of the cults -- I just didn't think this was a place to air it.

Submitted by MelissaRRT (not verified) on
I think this was to reply about the trip to Nauvoo... I think the whole thing was bad timing... YES, it is great that they follow their "Roots" BUT this costly vacation could have gone to ALL those homes they are building and still saying, IF they qualify and IF they get them... WHY then take 22 people in 2 rented RV's across country for what 8 days, gas, food, whatever else they got and the places they went WHEN half the kids didn't want to go and it seemed Christine wanted to stay in a motel **she is too good to stay in an RV**, and Robin is just chill... THIS WAS NOT THE TIME to be spending this type of money when they have been on more vacations with their LARGE family with financial issues than I have been on with my 3 person family, in like EVER!!! I honestly can say our last vacation was over 10-15 years ago, WHY??? because we DON'T HAVE THE MONEY!!!! plain and simple... if it is needed somewhere else.. be satisfied with your camping trips and the like, that is what NORMAL PEOPLE regardless of their situation DO!!! DO YOU HEAR ME???? If you don't have it, DON'T SPEND IT!!! this just makes me really mad.. THAT TRIP could have sustained my family, I am guessing for over 6 months!!! So maybe it isn't just Princess Christine... it is the ROYAL BROWNS that want to have too much and do too much... many people right now can't own 1 house, so be grateful, like Robyn is.. but it doesn't seem quite fair...

Submitted by Bree (not verified) on
I'm with you! Every time I watch them go to restaurants or have take-out picnics, go on road trips and rent RVs, jet skis, or rent vacation homes I ask myself how they afford it when they complain about their lack of funds. I think TLC pays tor all of that stuff to make the show more interesting--they have said a few times that the activity is a has to be planned and paid for by the network. I think they've gotten a lot of perks from the show and that's fine--they are opening up their family to it and are working in a sense. However, it seems like they forget to be grateful and expect or demand a better lifestyle. I wonder if TLC is pitching in or if UNLV is giving a discount to help with college tuition? I love how Robyn is so humble and grateful for all she has.

Submitted by Bree (not verified) on
I love Sister Wives, but I can't stand Meri! I agree with your assessment that the adults are immature and seem to constantly focus on stupid, immature things like who said or thinks what and why it's not fair. I actually like Christine more this season-she is light and fun. Her issue with Robyn was irritating and I'm glad it's over! However, Meri! Where do I start? She is too sensitive and self-absorbed, always whining and bawling over everything. Like when Kody wanted a baby decision, she can't make one she has to cry and say how HE is stressing HER out because she doesn't know. Make a decision already! She gets upset over little comments which require 15 min on the couch (remember the abusive kitchen situation)? Her immaturity has peaked with the homes...her frequent tears about how she is sorry if they feel she is taking from them (other wives) but if she had her way she would need a bigger home to house more kids. Hello Meri! You don't have the kids and can't even decide to have one more so you don't need a huge house. She is sooo selfish-her only kid is leaving the house in less than a year but she deserves an equal home to those with 6 kids? She has to have a wet bar to entertain which makes her have to have a hobby room and extra bedroom. Can't she skip it and use one of her many empty rooms for a hobby room? I love Janelle because she's practical and unselfish, I don't know how she doesn't punch Meri everyday. So Queen Meri needs a bigger house than Janelle and Christine with french doors and other extravagant options? She was over budget going into the options and got angry with Kody for being concerned accusing him of weird negative energy and saying he doesn't understand how hard this is for HER to have to make choices and deal with her budget. I couldn't BELIEVE that Kody actually asked Christine for her left over money to throw into Meri's house. Christine has every right to conserve her budget and splurge on her stone. I really don't know how Kody stays with Meri or how the other wives stand her--she is always complaining and taking everything personally, looking for things to be offended about. She's absolutely ridiculous! I realize that it's pretty lame to take the time to write this and to actually care that much, but I think it's disgusting. I'm getting so sick of her segments on the couch with Kody blaming him and the other wives for attacking her when in reality, she is always the one out of line and the cause of the problems. Please grow up Meri, you act like a spoiled little brat.

Submitted by Lucy123 (not verified) on
I agree to prevoius coments about Polygamie in General is criminal, and if we look at FLDS and Warren Jeffs, totally unacceptable. For me the question growes whether the Browns still even Match the Description of polygamy. Legally Kody is married to Meri, they will have the biggest house, Joint owners, also the wet bar! Mariah will be gone soon. For this they shoveled the Same amount of Money aside then the 3 other Women got for themselves, raising 4-7 Kids each on their own. All 4 properties are Individual, also the mortgages on it. I think Kody and Meri are a Sick couple, and Meri is taking out whatever pleasure out of the fact to allow her husband fooling around with other Women. Instead of him cheating on her they created officially a polygamy Family, and Meri enjoyed some Drama and attention that was Coming with it. She enjoyed Tons of Kids, without beeing the caregiver (I Never saw her changing diapers, feeding, watching the other wives Kids). With adding Robyn She Bit of more then She could chew, and now they reversed it, Meri and Kody are taking themselves back, and tearing the Family apart, in One couple with 3 mistresses in the neighborhood. What will Happen if Janelle or Christine are getting into foreclosure? They are gone, and None of them will Care. It was ridiculous and obvious when Kody asked Christine to give her Money that was Left under Budget to Meri. It would have been HIS Benefit, because he Shares the House with Meri. A regular Polygamy Family does Not Life in 4 houses. From my persepctive Kody and Merri are à somewhat Sick couple, abusing the other 3.

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