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Is Ranae starting to believe in Sasquatch on Finding Bigfoot?

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Is Ranae getting soft on Sasquatch, or are Finding Bigfoot producers asking her to back-off of her hardcore scientific evidence demands to satisfy fans who get annoyed with her inability to believe?

Do Arizona Bigfoots have a sweet tooth?

This week, the Finding Bigfoot team was in Arizona, checking out a video that claimed to be a Sasquatch checking out a cooler on a campsite. Many people may be surprised that the team was in Arizona, thinking that there would not be suitable terrain for a Bigfoot. But, in fact, there are wooded areas that provide adequate potential Bigfoot terrain in the state and, according to the researchers, enough food, such as snakes, lizards and crawfish, to provide a suitable diet for the creatures. And, Matt claims that he saw a Bigfoot in Arizona once (not during a Finding Bigfoot episode, unfortunately).

But, taking a soda and cookies from a man’s camp?

A Sasquatch Training Ground

Mitch Waite, a retired military man, camps in the location in question two or three times a month. He believes there are about 12 Sasquatches in the area he hunts/researches. He was camping in the area on the night in question with his son and grandson, and had a camera mounted to a tree.

“All night, quiet. In fact, I thought the whole visit was a bust, until I got home and started looking at the video. And, then I saw movement; we did have an image, and, I enhanced it, and that’s the video that you could see.”

Mitch said that he confirmed that it was not his son or his grandson, but is it a Sasquatch?

It looks like a person.

Sure, theoretically Bigfoots look kinda like people. But, the “creature” in the video looks like, as Cliff described him, “lanky,” not Sasquatch-like. Even Matt conceded that it could have been someone who knew that there were campsites in the area and came into the site, took a drink and some cookies, and left.

Mitch, on the other hand, believes that the site is a “training ground” for juveniles, which is what he believes the creature stealing his cookies and soda was: a juvenile Sasquatch. Bobo agreed that it was most likely a Sasquatch; Cliff, no surprise, said that he found it “extremely unlikely” that it was a human. But, Matt was surprisingly quiet on the issue, except for his commentary on people driving by having knowledge of the campsites—unusual for Matt to not jump in with Bobo and Cliff in agreement. Of course, later in the show, after speaking with a father and son who claimed to have seen two Bigfoots in their campsite, Matt’s enthusiasm returned, and he declared the area a “hot-spot” for Sasquatches.

Perhaps this would have been the site for Bobo to give his disco technique a try.

Ranae Surprisingly Agreeable

Of all the videos the team has “investigated” on Finding Bigfoot, this week’s video appeared to be the least-likely to be a Sasquatch. The image, although not clear, was nothing like the previous descriptions the team has given of what they believe Sasquatches look like; it did not even look hairy, or appear to have the pointed head the team has indicated they sport in previous episodes. It was surprising that Ranae was not chiming in with hardcore “that-is-not-a-Sasquatch” commentary. Additionally, later in the show, she declared one sighting on the highway left her “dumbfounded,” saying “either he saw what is a Bigfoot, or he’s not telling the truth. It’s gotta be one or the other.” Last week, a supposed Sasquatch peeping in a window left her "stumped." Is Ranae starting to believe? Or, perhaps fans’ complaints that she is too much of a wet blanket on the hunts has been heard by the Finding Bigfoot producers, who have asked her to tone it down? Something is up, because she is becoming super-easy to convince or, at least, confuse.

Next week: Michigan.

Stay tuned.

Finding Bigfoot airs on Animal Planet on Sunday nights at 10 p.m.

Image: Animal Planet

Video: Animal Planet/Finding Bigfoot


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