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Sister Wives' Christine: 'I feel like a single mom'

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Sister Wives continues to be a guilty pleasure for a lot of TLC viewers with new season premiere.

The new season of Sister Wives began last night on TLC, and, for fans who have been watching over the seasons, it was pretty much the same drama that has been going on since the show began—somewhere between “juicy” and “uncomfortable.”

It’s hard to deny that most of us watch the show because we have a morbid curiosity about polygamy. What do they do? How do they share their husband? How are the wives treated by Kody? How do the wives treat each other? What about the kids?

The kids.

It was revealed in the season premiere that Madison, Kody and Janelle’s daughter, has rejected her parents’ faith, and has no interest in carrying on their polygamist way of life. Mariah, Meri and Kody’s only daughter, embraces polygamy, however, and made it clear that she does intend to be in a polygamist marriage:

“I’m not just open to the idea; I am GOING to have sister wives. Like, I am. Like, I am. One of the reasons I want to go back to Utah is because that’s where my church is; that’s where my people are.”

Although it is hard for many non-polygamists to imagine the idea of “sister wives,” it was interesting to see the differing views of Madison, who stated bluntly, “I don’t want to share my husband,” and Mariah, who was so enthusiastic about the idea, at least as a distant prospect.

Credit Crisis Avoided

The family has been sweating it out over the four homes they are planning to purchase. All of the homes are $400,000+, leaving a lot viewers a bit skeptical about their supposed financial crisis. After all, a lot of people are having trouble staying in their one home in these hard economic times; do we feel sympathy for a family stressing because they are not sure they can purchase the four new homes they want? As is typical, Robyn spent about half her time on camera, it seemed, crying about her past marriage, this time as to how it could negatively affect their multi-home purchase.

Fortunately for the Browns, it didn’t; Robyn was able to sufficiently repair her credit (in less than two weeks?) to the point where she qualified for her loan. Meri and Kody, as they are actually the only married couple, qualified together; the remaining “wives” had to qualify on their own, and the potential wrench in the plan was Robyn, who is, supposedly, carrying mega-debt and past-due accounts from her previous marriage. But, they all qualified, no doubt to the delight of their realtor, who has been doing a lot of work on their behalf and has to be looking forward to getting paid in the near future; one step closer.

4 Wives = Absentee Husband All Around

The Browns have 17 kids between them. Kody and Robyn have made clear their intention to have more. Meri continues to struggle with Robyn’s offer to carry a baby for her. It’s understandable. She has wanted more children for so many years, but, at this point, her only daughter is basically grown, and having a new baby would mean starting all over again, basically as a single mother, considering her husband bops around between four wives. As Christine stated in a couch-talk session on last night’s show, “I feel like a single mom. And I feel like I have to do everything on my own.” It’s unlikely that things will be any different with Meri and a new baby.

Those around Meri don’t seem to understand her internal conflicts on the baby issue. Mariah was in tears—there are a lot of tears on this show—chastising her mother, saying, “If you choose not to, then you’re taking something away from all of us. If it’s there, if it’s sitting in front of you, why not take it?” And, ever-prolific Kody, agreed with his crying daughter, telling Meri, “Meri, I’m with Mariah; sometimes I don’t see why this is hard.”

Hopefully, Meri will not let their pressure tactics get to her, make a decision on her own, and do what is best for her, since she will be the one raising this potential child for years to come, not as much Kody and certainly not Mariah.

Stay tuned.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9 p.m.

UPDATED: Browns need to make decisions on houses, babies

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