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Is Sister Wives: The Dargers coming to TLC?

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The Brown family has been the face of polygamy for many viewers since Sister Wives launched on TLC, but, with the Browns being such a hit for the network, is there room for another polygamy reality series, perhaps featuring the Darger family?

Could there be a new face of polygamy coming to TLC in the future?

When TLC launched Sister Wives, fans were instantly intrigued with the Brown family. After all, polygamy is a secret world that not many of us have had any contact with in our own day-to-day worlds. So, when the Browns—Kody Brown, Wife #1 Meri, Wife #2 Janelle and Wife #3 Christine, plus their 13 kids—debuted on TLC, it was a hit. Later, the Browns added Wife #4 Robyn and her three kids from a previous marriage, and when she and Kody had their first baby together, the Browns’ family total balanced out at one husband, four wives and 17 kids—at least for the moment. That’s a lot of kids, a lot of wives and a lot of chaos for one family.

Enter the Dargers

Last night, TLC introduced Sister Wives fans to the Darger family: Joe Darger, Wife #1 Alina, Wife #2 Vicki and Wife #3 Valerie (who also happens to be Vicki’s twin sister), plus their 23 kids. And, if anyone thought that polygamy was polygamy, seeing the Browns together with the Dargers displayed how different the practice of polygamy can be. Watching the Browns each week is like watching a never-ending whirlwind in action; the Dargers are organized, level-headed and purposeful. They have routines, seating assignments and charts keeping their days and activities on-track. They have family exercise sessions. They have a family mission statement. And, they seem happy—or perhaps incredibly repressed; it’s hard to tell the difference after one short introduction.

So, could it be that TLC was introducing the Dargers to Sister Wives fans last night as something of a “test run” for a possible Sister Wives spin-off? There are all kinds of shows out there nowadays with the same name, different location; perhaps the Dargers could become Sister Wives: Utah?

Polygamy Darger Style

The Browns seemed extremely intimidated by the Dargers and their regimented lifestyle. The Dargers claim to have worked through issues that keep plaguing the Browns, including issues with jealousy over Kody’s attention and affection. Kody basically keeps his affections to himself unless he is alone with a wife—no hugging, no kissing, no hand-holding if it isn’t in private, which is kind of sad, when you think about it. The Brown wives apparently cannot share a kitchen—the wives’ “domain,” Kody called it—without bad blood seriously boiling over, so they just don’t do it. And, probably most significantly, Joe is the undisputed leader of the Darger family; what he says goes, and that is why they seem to run as smoothly as they do. “It seems like Joe does lead his family and THEY lead mine,” Kody said, the “THEY” being his four never-agreeing wives. Is Joe’s apparently unquestioned leadership a good thing, or is it just a smiling dictatorship? Again, hard to tell the difference after just one short introduction, but it was certainly a lot less nerve-wrecking to watch.

Sister Wives: The Dargers?

So, is TLC planning a Sister Wives: The Dargers series? As of now, there has been no indication from TLC that that is the case. But, would fans like to see this family’s take on polygamy captured in a series? The Dargers seem to be well-taken to television and publicity. They already have a book available, Love Times Three, and have been on the interview circuit for awhile. So, don’t be surprised if you see a Darger version of Sister Wives coming to a television near you in the future.

More pressing, no doubt, is the question the Browns raised last night during their couch session on Sister Wives: Will there be Darger-Brown dating between any of the kids in the future?

Stay tuned.

UPDATED: One-hour Darger family special to air on TLC

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

Image: TLC


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The Dargers will have a new show on TLC. It is produced by Sister Wives production company Figure 8 productions. It is called "My 3 Wives" and will premiere on Dec 18th 2012.

According to TLC, this information is incorrect, and there is no show currently set to premiere with the Dargers.

Submitted by Kat (not verified) on
It says so on the Figure 8 production website. So TLC is playing you:

Yes, I've seen the website. Regardless, TLC is indicating that there is no premiere set for a show with the Dargers at this time, and they are not promoting the show at this time. But, if their stance changes, I'll certainly relate that, as well, along with any show info they release.

Submitted by Kat (not verified) on
Did TLC say why they decided to scrap the Darger show for the time being? The date on the website was only changed to "Dec 18" recently- about a week ago. Which is why I am so surprised. Did you contact Figure 8? What did they say? The Dargers also still mention it on their blog (under "Our Family").

Never know; may just be that TLC has not been ready to confirm, not ready to promote; never know how these things are being "played," as you said, behind the scenes. If that's the case, and they ARE actually moving toward a Dec. 18 debut, I would imagine they'll be making an official announcement soon, as they'll surely want to promote the new show. Hope that's the case, as I think the Dargers would/will be an interesting contrast to the Browns. At any rate, if I get an official release from TLC, I'll post here immediately, as well as release any info in a new article. thanks, Kat, for your helpful comments! :)

Both the Dargers and TLC are now indicating that the show is a "one-hour special," not a series premiere. Check out the Huliq article, "Dargers filmed one-hour special at time of Sister Wives guest appearance" for more info.

Submitted by Cabo Cara (not verified) on
People need to understand that polygamy is NOT all “sister wives” and “big love” or the Dargers. The law "turns a blind eye" to FLDS polygamy where children (girls as young as 12) are married off to older men and then live off of welfare, food stamps and Medicaid (known as "bleeding the beast")... as discussed in new book "plygs", a fact based journalistic view at the world of polygamy. Warren Jeffs, the leader of this group (serving a life sentence for child rape) ordered only 15 men in the group can procreate with ANY of the women of their choice within the group…predicted an apocalypse, Told followers to build backpacks and be ready to go at a moments notice. This after findings of his journal about a bed ordered to be specially made for the purpose of sexually assaulting young girls were outlined in a diary he called 'priesthood records'. He told followers the bed must be made of hardwood, sturdy so it wouldn't rattle, long enough to hold his frame and covered with a plastic sheet to 'protect the mattress from what will happen on it'.... now a lot of the families from TX have moved out of the ranch... this means that many young girls are being moved across state lines or even across the border to Canada this is human trafficking for sexual reasons. the government doesn't seem to be doing anything...this group are nothing but pedophiles and welfare cheats.

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