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Sister Wives fans discuss Brown family, My SisterWife's Closet

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Huliq readers have a lot of great questions and suggestions regarding the Brown family's situation, particularly their new online business, My SisterWife's Closet.

Fans of the show Sister Wives on TLC have been vocal regarding their opinions about the Brown family’s latest business venture, “My SisterWife’s Closet.” The Browns have tried to convince viewers and site visitors that the jewelry they are offering is for “strong women,” not necessarily polygamist wives. But, Huliq readers tend to disagree with that idea. Huliq reader MelissaRRT, for example, commented:

If they got a designer who could broaden their base to include MORE than these, what? 10 pieces and some that are more reachable by all people. They might have a chance of making this work. But from what I see, their appeal is mainly to other sister wives, not STRONG WOMEN or any of that. This is a label, like wearing a cross, most people who wear a cross, BELIEVE IN ITS MEANING.... I don't think an atheist would wear a cross necklace.

And, one anonymous reader was concerned that the show itself could become a pitch-hour for My SisterWife’s Closet:

I enjoy the show and the jewelry is beautiful. However, I almost feel like the jewelry was designed and manufactured only for sister wives. I can't see that the designs have much to do with women who don't participate in plural marriages. Also, the prices are out of line with today's economy. Let's hope future episodes don't turn into half-hour infomercials like the one the other night.

And, Katie wondered if these women—who have never created a business of their own—had sought any advice from a professional before designing their pieces:

Now comes 'My Sisterwife's Closet'. Did anyone with a business brain look over this idea? Just who is their target market? How many Sister Wives are out there and how many of them can afford to spend their money this way?

Fans seem right on-target with their questions and suggestions. The jewelry on My SisterWife’s Closet DOES seem to be aimed at, well, sister wives, not “strong women,” as the Browns are trying to paint it. More than one piece describes the use of the initials “S.W.” as, “stand[ing] for SisterWife, Strong Woman and Super Woman.” Perhaps they are genuine in their sentiment. But, it comes off as, well, just a tactic to sell viewers something that doesn’t really apply to their lifestyle, which is what many visitors to the site seem to be picking up on as they peruse the offerings. As one anonymous Huliq commenter surmised:

The jewelry business is not for them - the jewelry looks inexpensive and seems to be just trinkets that the four wives would exchange among themselves rather than appealing to other people.

Does Kody Have a Job or Not?

Readers’ comments on the Browns' new business venture go from supportive to offended, with a lively discussion about the state of financial affairs in the Brown home(s). It is a reasonable question to ask: If they can be qualified to purchase four homes, they MUST have money coming in from somewhere. Kody has indicated a few times that he does have a sales position—for which his sports car is a perk—but, as readers have pointed out, he never seems to be working. However, it’s hard to make that observation conclusively, just from watching the show. After all, there are times when the show goes to following just a sister wife or two, and whatever their troubles are at the time; perhaps he is at work then? And, of course, it is unlikely that a business would want cameras following him at work (maybe even a condition of his being hired), so perhaps the fact that he has not had “screen time” working isn’t an indicator. And, after all, the shows are cut and pieced together from hours of footage as the producers and editors please; not showing boring work time isn’t surprising.

As the only legally married couple, Kody and Meri qualified for her (their) home together; Christine, Janelle and Robyn had to qualify as singles because, well, legally, they ARE singles. But, how did they qualify, when they have no jobs? Well, they ARE paid for their participation in Sister Wives; they no doubt have revenues from their book, Becoming Sister Wives; and, it just doesn’t seem likely that their financial situation is as dire as they make it seem for the cameras each week.

Will the Browns Take Fans' Advice?

The Browns are smart, it seems, to try and capitalize on their television success with My SisterWife’s Closet—strike while the iron is hot, as the old saying goes. But, however hot the iron may be, the product has to be one people would like to spend their own hard-earned cash on, and it doesn’t appear that the “designs” by Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are quite hitting the mark for the average Sister Wives viewer, whether it be because of actual design (the stuff currently offered on the site is designed for sister wives, bottom-line) or because of price/metal choice (as Huliq readers have suggested, gold-plated and/or stainless steel are desirable, long-lasting, beautiful-wearing options the Browns might consider for the future).

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

UPDATED: Meri just shrugs off her home budget on finale

Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by HeyPaula (not verified) on
I have checked out the website and am very disappointed in the jewellery designs. I don't want to wear your designs. I'm not in a polygamist relationship nor will I ever be. If you are going to design something please do it for the masses, not for the few.

Submitted by Terri Jerome (not verified) on
Well I am not a polygamist but I thought this was America and I think we all should choose how we live. So please don't hate Its not very pretty.

Submitted by MelissaRRT (not verified) on
I was quoted in the above story and I stand by what I said.. BUT I also said that I like the family and even though I would rather keep my husband to myself, I do not judge others.. as long as I am not paying for their large family through my taxes.. ANYWAY (I don't think they are on assistance, and really its not my business, just my opinion) WHAT I WISH HAD BEEN QUOTED... Is it possible for Claddagh rings to be sold on their site? I had heard of them and my daughter has wanted one for years.. IF Amazon can carry and sell them, and many Brown family members wear them, including ALL the adults. Why isn't this possible to be sold in their "Closet"?? I know it's a different company brand, but with your exposure to these rings, WHY NOT?? I actually just bought a ring for my 17 year old daughter, JessaChelle.. It is being given in the spirit of trust and faith in her decisions. I know she will have more and more difficult choices to make in these last few months of High School and beyond!! .. I just want her to look down at the ring, know I love her, and I trust she will follow her beliefs in deciding which path to choose!! If only that fraction of time takes her to twist this ring on her finger, she remembers to have trust, love and faith IN HERSELF, and she will do what is right for HER .. THIS IS WHAT THE ring stands for!!!.. So, BROWNS... can you see if you can sell Claddagh rings on your site?? On Amazon they go from $1.89-over $100.00... just my 2 cents!

Good "2-cents," MelissaRRT ... I found it interesting, as well, that they tout this style of ring so often on their show, have a Claddagh charmholder and charms on their new site, but apparently decided not to go with any Claddagh rings ... this is where, perhaps, a good business consultant could point them in the direction of their true customer base?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I just visited to see what the jewelry was like and am very disappointed. There isn't much to choose from and what there is, I wouldn't have...The only thing I did like was the Christmas tress charm, but it says...Happy Holidays! I would not expect that from the Browns...I would think they would have had Merry Christmas on the charm instead...but that's my 2 cents worh. Rest of it is nice if you are a sister wife...but I'm not, end of story.

Good point on the "Happy Holidays" ornament; sometimes in trying to please everyone, we can end up pleasing no one for various reasons. :/ Thanks for your "2-cents worth," btw, and Merry Christmas! :)

BTW, for anyone who is interested, according to the latest update on the My SisterWife's Closet Facebook page, the ladies will be uploading their first clothing (sorta) item shortly: Aprons. Interesting, but functional.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have been following the show and have appreciated being educated about the polygamist lifestyle, being open-minded and embracing of this culture of polygamy. The last episode I watched, however, was very disappointing. You are using your show to basically market your new web-based business, which is mildly annoying but...ok. You do, however, especially Mari, present it as somehow a way for the public, your fans, to help you towards the purchase of your new homes. Now that, is fully offensive. After watching countless of minutes with all of you, Mari in particular, stressing out about a wet bar, a craft room, or wanting a tennis court in your little mansions, you have the audacity to turn to the public for "help" during these difficult economic times? C'mon people, you have lost your grounding here. You clearly were approved for these homes which means you can afford them, so four words for you: STICK TO YOUR BUDGET. Do not try to take advantage of your public like this. I am done watching the show and certainly will not even visit your website. You are losing, perhaps, many of the values that I was initially drawn to. Very very disappointing.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I couldn't agree more!!! That immediately caught my attention when she said "we need a way to pay for these homes". like most Americans that DON'T have a TV show and don't have the ability to support opening their own businesses. It was quite offensive that you base your payments on your fans. It is not your fans responsibility to support your family and the senseless extras you "needed" such as doors!! Because you " hate sliding glass doors". And then to even joke about a court in the back of your house......come on Browns!!!!!!!!!!! Think!!!!!!!

Submitted by Gpops (not verified) on
I would imagine that they get paid for thier part in the show. Surely they don't do it for free. The show probably makes millions and asking them to do it for free would be crazy. They should live on the minimal amount we live on. As far as having more than one wife? I'd be crazy in less than a week.


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