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Sister Wives: Houses, babies, can the Browns just make a decision already?

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One might assume that the Brown family, with 17 kids, four wives and one husband, is built on structure and organization; actually, they seem to exist in a land of ongoing chaos.

Tensions are bubbling around the Brown household on TLCs Sister Wives, and sooner or later some pots are going to be boiling over if they don’t get some things settled.

Kody, whatever one thinks about him with his hair and just the fact that, well, he has four wives, has an amazing amount of patience with the drama storms that are constantly swirling around him. Honestly, it seems like just walking across the yard would be an endeavor for the Browns sometimes. But, here they are, Wife #1 Meri trying to decide whether or not to have another baby, and the five adults trying to build four houses, with all that entails plus rumblings still abounding over whether or not Meri should have as large a home as the other wives. Not small decisions, but made even bigger with multiple indecisive decision-makers in the mix.

Going in Baby Circles

Kody is being very patient with Meri, but last night, he gave her an ultimatum on the baby issue. For someone who has been wanting another baby for so many years, Meri has been surprisingly wishy washy regarding Wife #4 Robyn’s offer to carry a child for her, which has been another source of confusion for those around her, including her only daughter, Mariah, who was previously in tears over her mom’s even questioning whether or not to go forward. Kody, in fact, told Meri bluntly, ““Meri, I’m with Mariah; sometimes I don’t see why this is hard.”

However, as Meri discussed with her sister this week, she is in a new place in her life, entering a new phase. Perhaps the drive to have another child that haunted her in her younger days has waned in her 40s, with a near-adult daughter and new challenges along the way. Maybe that time in her life has passed. Maybe, in fact, she is satisfied with the one daughter she was blessed with having, and does not desire to start over once again with a newborn. All understandable, no doubt. And, of course, if she chooses to try again through in vitro and surrogacy, there is still no guarantee that she will be a new mom—maybe just another heartbreak she doesn’t want to risk. Perhaps, she now, in fact, has a new guilt building in her heart: Not wishing to take Robyn’s generous offer and have another baby. There is certainly no reason for her to feel guilty, but it is quite possible that she does.

Regardless of what is swirling in her heart at this moment, the core of the problem is simply a lack of a decision being made. Whatever she chooses, Meri will have to come to terms with on her own. But, until she makes a firm decision, no one, not Meri or those who love her, will be able to rest easy and have their hearts begin to heal. So, Kody did the right thing, forcing Meri to select a deadline for her decision: When they get moved into their new homes, that month, she will make a firm decision.

'Divide and Conquer' the Browns

Of course, speaking of indecision, who knows how long moving into the new homes could be. With various jealousies—and, yes, no doubt jealousy is playing into the ill-will toward Meri for wanting a home with nice amenities, even tho’ she doesn’t have half a dozen children—plus too many voices bouncing ideas off of each other and making suggestions, the Browns may never get to break ground. The builders seem to be getting a little frustrated themselves:

“If they can make decisions today, we can begin building homes next week,” Frank Wyatt, president of Pinnacle Homes, said. “I’ve gone through this with my wife when we built a house. Sometimes you struggle with decisions, just one husband and one wife; he’s got that times four. So, I don’t know how he holds it together.”

“As we get down to the details, if we can divide them a little bit, so they don’t have input to each other and give each other ideas, we might get decisions from them individually,” Daniel Martter, vice president of Pinnacle Homes, suggested. “Divide and conquer.”

Logan's Big Day

But, even something as seemingly simple as getting to Logan’s high school graduation was a sea of confusion, ending not only with Robyn getting to the event late and completely missing him walking across the stage, but his mother, Wife #2 Janelle, being so distracted that she actually missed seeing him walk across the stage, even tho’ she was sitting right in front of it.

Chaos; the Brown family is overrun with chaos, even when they are sitting still.

Will Meri actually make a baby decision when they move into the new houses? Will the new houses ever even be built? And, as Kody frankly told Meri last night, he WILL be having more kids—how far down the road is that plan coming into action?

Stay tuned.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
How can Kody Brown even consider having more children based on the family's financial situation as portrayed on the show? Where is the money for Meri's fertility treatments going to come from? In-vitro is quite expensive, isn't it? Last night he said that he was going to have more children, despite what Meri decides. Is the show for real or are they just all acting?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The idea anyone even graces this crap with their time is baffling to me! The whole premise of this show is disgusting, and to think these idiots are raising kids that will think this behavior is the norm is reprehensible. Like those idiots with the twenty kids cause she treats her private parts like an unregistered clown car. The lack of morality in this country is astounding.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I feel sorry for all four of his pathetic wives, they follow a false prophet. How are they planning to pay for 4 large new homes? Soon to be yesterday's news, just like Heidi Montag, who regrets blowing all that money, broke now, living with parents.

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