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Sister Wives season finale: 2 hours of Brown family chaos

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Can the Brown family do a better job of giving Logan a goodbye send-off than they did attending his high school graduation?

It is time for Logan to wrap up his days as a Brown family “kid” and move on to another world—no doubt a more sane world—of college life on tonight’s season finale of Sister Wives on TLC.

Earlier this season, Logan was featured as he made the choice between two schools: the far-away Southern Utah University and the possibly too-close-to-home UNLV. Not surprisingly, Kody was pushing hard for UNLV. After all, Logan plays a big role in keeping the younger kids in line for the Brown family, and his presence will be greatly missed in that respect. Ultimately, Logan did choose the University of Nevada, Las Vegas—a choice that he indicated would give him a greater diversity of people to meet and mix among, but, one might wonder, will he find the freedom that he no doubt wants, and needs, to experience at this point? When he announced his decision to the family, in fact, he did so with one caveat: “When I go to UNLV, I need you all to treat me like a college student.”

Like a college student as opposed to nearby built-in babysitter, one would guess. But, will they be able to let him go with him so conveniently located—only half-an-hour away, as Kody says:

Time will tell. But, in the meantime, the season finale is at hand, and, according to TLC, in tonight’s episode, “Hard to Say Goodbye”:

As the Browns prepare a proper send-off for Logan's graduation, Kody and the wives push hard to get moved into their new homes before Christmas. Will all the pressures of moving and decorating for the holidays get the better of them?

A proper send-off? Let’s hope it doesn’t require anyone getting anywhere at a specific time, because it certainly did not happen on his high school graduation day.

Good luck, Logan.

Following this episode, the Browns will discuss life as a polygamist family on Sister Wives: Secrets Revealed. In this special one-hour look back on Season Three, the Browns sit down with NBC's Tamron Hall and take a closer look at how life in four separate homes has affected their family unity.

Catch Up with the Browns and the Dargers

Fans can watch a mini-marathon of Sister Wives on TLC today, Sunday, December 30, beginning at 3 p.m. Additionally, fans who may have missed the earlier one-hour Darger family special, My Three Wives, filmed at the time the Dargers visited the Browns in a recent episode, can catch it when it reruns on TLC today at 2 p.m.

Sister Wives airs on TLC on Sunday nights at 9/8c; tonight, following the season finale, the special, Sister Wives: Secrets Revealed, will air at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Meri just shrugs off her home budget on finale

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Video: TLC/Sister Wives


Submitted by oldirishman (not verified) on
When will these people ever realize waht they are putting their children through? What ever happened to: "cleaving only to her, forsaking all others, until death do us part"? This is debauchery masquerading as religion! These women each deserve a husband who is all theirs! Period!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Robyn looks pregnant....Meri's baby? Meri continues to be all about herself. She is the only greedy one. The others realize a budget...not Meri. Whenever Kody speaks up, she starts crying and manipulating him. The other wives should tell Kody to ditch her....shes going to drive them into the poor house. She calls the shots on everything and everyone. Logans big send off when he will be only 15mins away....its ridiculous!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The whole show is stupid!! Seriously who does Kody think he is?? I think Janell should run or waddle like hell!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Kody has made reference a couple of times that he expects "obedience." If that's the case, he should be looking for a dog rather than another wife. I consider myself to be open-minded but those women are failling to see that he is using them. What man has 16 children that he can support on a consistent basis? What would happen if even one wife were to decide to walk away from that relationship? He would obviously have to pay child support.... Did anyone else notice that he really does not take any financial responsibility...but he has a nice little sports car that seats 2! Run Logan, run!!

Submitted by MelissaRRT (not verified) on
I agree with the DOG statement.. I about fell out of my chair when that obedience comment came out.. I could see it going there and I was like, "NO, do not even say it... OMG, HE SAID IT!!!" I would have walked out, and probably slapped him as I walked by. WHO does he think HE is??? ALSO, KODY, get a HAIRCUT!!!! you know your balding, WE KNOW YOUR BALDING, accept it and move on man... it's starting to look like a BAD COMB OVER!! just cut it nice and neat.. THAT would be masculine and sexy.. this just makes it look like you want to be 25 again, and it's just not workin' for ya!! Please don't take this as an "ohhh, they don't like me cuz of my lifestyle." NO, I don't like you treating your wives as possessions rather than partners. and I just don't like your HAIR!!

Submitted by MelissaRRT (not verified) on
Christine is just not a nice person... She has a bad attitude and doesn't appear to like to share her boy toy.. so why the lifestyle?? BUT, I think she would drive a full time husband/father absolutely NUTTY!!!!

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