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Sons of Guns: Will fires Thomas, but pays own good fortune forward

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Red Jacket Firearms minion Thomas finds that he is truly part of the team on the Discovery Channel's Sons of Guns.

One team member was cut from the team last night on Sons of Guns on the Discovery Channel, but Will did a good thing to help him come back as soon as possible, and to keep the young man in a much-needed paycheck.

“Minion” Thomas has apparently had some legal difficulties that either preclude him from working with guns, or just will not shine favorably on Red Jacket Firearms. And, with the company being featured so prominently on television each week, either situation just is not acceptable. But, Will did not just leave him hanging, no job, no paycheck.

Thomas has been a good worker for Red Jacket. Kris has previously commented that there was some friction between him and Thomas in the past, but that at this point, Thomas’s work ethic has won him over, because he’s just a good, hard-working employee—something that can be hard to find these days. Will commented on Thomas’s history with Red Jacket:

“Kris tells me he’s getting’ good work out of you, you’re getting’ to where you work real good with the boys, hell, you made employee of the month. But, honestly, none of that’s gonna matter. You have some crap on your background check that you assured me would be tidied up. And, that ain’t been, has it?”

“No, sir. I can’t afford a lawyer. Just kinda like a waitin’ period.”

“Nah, we’ve done been waitin’ long enough. Point of the fact is that I’m gonna have to let you go.”

“Really?” Thomas responded, seeming a bit shocked.

Will Pays It Forward

From his statements, it would appear that Will took the young man on at Red Jacket in good faith, believing him when he indicated that the negative information on his background check would be removed in what must have been an acceptable period of time for Will. But, as many understand, sometimes these matters require legal counsel—expensive legal counsel—and it becomes clear when one tries to retain an attorney that, well, it just isn’t going to happen on a “minion’s” salary. That seems to be the case with Thomas--good intentions, but intentions that just clashed with reality.

However, it was not all over with Thomas and Red Jacket. As Will said, he had been a good employee, and Will obviously did not want to lose him that easily.

“What we’re gonna do is, I’m gonna have my lawyer get in touch with you. I’ll take care of it upfront, and we’re gonna get this settled.” Not only that, although Thomas could not continue working at Red Jacket for the time being, Will kept the young man drawing a paycheck. “What you can do is head out to my property. We’ve got 12 to 20 acres, deal with that, alright? I’ll get you back here as soon as we can.”

It is good to see someone who has had good fortune himself paying it forward to someone who may just need a bit of a helping hand; good call, Will. And, hopefully, Thomas will be back in the shop soon.

Stay tuned.

Sons of Guns airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

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Image: Discovery Channel


Submitted by MIKE THOMAS (not verified) on
Well I guess the rest of America can take a lesson in , investing in your business future. I think fortune magazine and Time, and news week need to look at this, it wouldn't hurt to have CNBC do a story on this also. I think if you have an employee willing to give his all like Thomas has that i see Will is a good judge of character, just look at his staff? he is not in this for just the short hall he wants his company to grow and prosper as well as for his employees.I dont know if anyone reads these but if you do Please help spread the word, its all about good buisness practice and with all the corruption in corp america right now we need to move forward as a Nation, as a company and looking out for our familes be they work or personal. All please remember how this great Nation of ours was put together, WE ARE AMERICA! sorry for the long speech folks.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The government needs to take notice and stop taking from everyone and see what they can do to be more like red jacket and Will.

He seems to have a view of the "big picture" around him, I think.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Will Hayden is a piece of sh**. thank you

Submitted by Dana (not verified) on
In these time with businesses closing and people loseing their jobs at the drop of a hat it is awesome to see an owner take the position of family/workers first. granted there were things that needed attention, but will saw beyond that and stepped up. From one Vet to another, GOOD ON YA Mate!!!! I would be proud work for you knowing you stand up what you believe. Once a Marine, always a Marine. OOOOHRAAAAAA

Submitted by Tom Tremblay (not verified) on
Will Hayden is the perfect definition of a true gentleman. Sure, he could have let his young employee "Tommy" go because of his failure to "clean up" negative information in his background. But Will chose not to. He realized that the young man has a lot of potential and he did the right thing by keeping him on as an employee, although not in the shop until the problem is resolved. Many employers would have simply walked him to the door with final paycheck in hand. We could surely use a lot more Will Haydens in this world. It is my sincere hope that his trust and generosity will not be betrayed.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
It might be a good thing Thomas is not on the show for now,it might save him his eyesight.On the first show I have ever seen of this show.I repeatedly saw persons on the show not wearing safety glasses in the shop including one seen where one of the bosses was removing a part from a mill and blowing it off with a air nozzle.Also there was test firing of modified weapons with people in the same room,very dangerous!In the next show there the same thing was going on, using tools with no eye protection and no use of hearing protection while firing weapons.I realise that keeping him on the show could pose legal problems,but there may be other legal problems regarding safety that you should resolve as well.These shows aired 10-17-2012.


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