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Sons of Guns: Will says Red Jacket no longer a shop, but a company

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Sons of Guns welcomed three cannons, including one owned by Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry, to the shop this week, but they also had a LOT of guns to build.

Another week at Red Jacket Firearms on the Discovery Channel hit Sons of Guns, and another week of blowing up things—this time, with cannons.

Aerosmith rocker Joe Perry and his family were at the shop this week with one of the cannons, and the Red Jacket gang seemed pretty thrilled to be accommodating them, to say the least. It was also a big week for “real” orders for the growing company.

“The last few months have been incredible. The company’s moving in leaps and bounds,” Red Jacket owner Will Hayden said in a camera cameo. “You know, we spent months with a dark cloud over us, with a bit of desperation in our eyes,” he said, no doubt referring to the turmoil surrounding the departure of Vince Buckles, as well as other problems within the structure of the company. “We’ve been hammered, and we’ve been hammered hard. Seems like we’ve all gone through the fire. But, you keep rolling, you go through it, you just keep your head into the wind, and we all kept our eyes to the future, and walked right out of it. And, now, when I look at their faces, I see hope, I see confidence, I see a future, and I can’t tell you how good that is.”

The “real” order the company had this week was with Academy Sports. After shipping them an order of 600 AR-15s, within 32 hours Academy had placed an order for 450 more—to be received in two weeks.

“To see that happen, it’s a validation of everything that I’ve always known about this company and its products,” Hayden said. “Red Jacket’s not a shop anymore,” he added. “It’s a company.”

And, to that end, COO Joe Meaux has his hands full sometimes, when the “fun” projects arrive in the shop—like, for example, three cannons in one week.

Joe Keeping Red Jacket On-Target

“Academy’s got that 450 gun order,” Joe told Hayden when he asked Joe to make rounds for one of the cannons. “They want it NOW,” he stressed.

Sometimes, Joe explained, he has to keep things in order at Red Jacket Firearms.

“Will made me chief of operations at Red Jacket for a reason; I need to watch Red Jacket’s bottom line. It’s my duty to sometimes remind Will of where his creative direction is going, to make sure it's focused on our long-term goals.”

In other words, somebody has to have a level head and not get distracted by one-time projects like a couple of old cannons.

All of the cannon owners, including Joe Perry, were pleased with their newly refurbished cannons in the end, and Red Jacket seemed to be on-track to completing their order with Academy Sports, so Joe must be keeping everybody focused and working.

Oh, but one thing was left unclear: Is it true that Kris Ford is a big fan of cannons?

Stay tuned.

Sons of Guns airs on the Discovery Channel on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. E/P.

UPDATE: Will pays it forward when he has to fire Thomas

Image: Discovery Channel

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