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Tremont Towing going down in repo flames on South Beach Tow?

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South Beach Tow promises to be wild on truTV this season, and the season premiere was a great kickoff on that promise.

What is going on this season on truTV’s South Beach Tow?

“Things at the company right now are a little bit uneasy,” senior driver Robert Jr. said, “and my father’s not telling anybody anything.”

But, the tows keep coming.

The season started off with Bernice and Robert Jr. doing a high-class repo for Tremont Towing. There were some high-dollar cars on the property—Bentley, Mercedes-Benz, a Ferrari and, yes the Maserati that the pair needed to repo. But, of course, it was stuck behind everything else.

Repos never seem to be easy.

It appeared that a party was going on, but Bernice was not worried.

“Rich people are a bunch of well-trained puppies, man” she said, “They all cooperative and helpful.”

The owner, of course, was not excited to see them, but he turned what could have been an easy take-back—Robert Jr. was telling the guests at his open house (the guy was a realtor) that there was a work-order from the dealership--into a humiliation for the uncooperative target. It did not have to turn ugly and embarrassing. But, it did, when the guy started making a scene and using vulgar language.

Why do people always have to go there when they know that they are in the wrong?

Only For 15 Minutes

People are amazing, the way they try to justify their actions. Eddie’s first tow of the season was on a white utility vehicle blocking someone’s drive way—but for only for 15 minutes, the owner said.

Would she want someone blocking her driveway for only 15 minutes?

But, Eddie underestimated the woman, who whipped out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed him to a fence—oh, and she did a victory dance.

“Come and tow me, now!” she taunted Eddie. “Come and tow me, now!”

The woman actually let her vehicle off the tow, and the woman who called about the blocked drive way in the first place? She was a real class act, more so than the “15 minute” woman. She actually left without helping, telling him, “I’m outta here. Sorry, I’m late,” as she drove away.

Wow—that’s real human kindness for you. She left Eddie in a dangerous situation with no thought whatsoever to his welfare, which was rather precarious, with the "I hate Tremont" vultures swirling.

Human Kindness All Around

Bernice found an equally delightful human on another tow, when a man told her that a black person could have an expensive car like his, “if you’re dealing crack or you’re a rapper.”

What is WRONG with people?

And, people just continued to walk by Eddie, handcuffed to a gate. Worse, people started coming up to him, threatening him with bodily harm. Apparently, Tremont Towing is not terribly popular in South Beach. Finally, though, someone did stop, just in the nick of time; the young lady went to Eddie's truck and called Bernice.

There are some decent people left in the world, thank goodness.

Meanwhile, Bernice’s tow took a crazy turn, with the wife of her tow target running off wildly after being caught on shoplifting charges, and the husband trying to take down Bernice—and losing not only his shirt but his hair in the process. And, it’s a good thing she got out of there when she did, because her man Eddie needed her in a big, big way by that time, being attacked by an angry anti-towing faction. But, hey, you know that Bernice is gonna take charge when she hits the scene, and the would-be attackers found that out, too, when she threw a bicycle at one of them and threatened the rest of them with a pair of bolt cutters.

A wild day at the “office.”

And, oh, Eddie got his tow after all: The security guard who cuffed him to the fence had told him where she worked, and he went right over to pick up her vehicle.

Robert Sr. Forced to Reveal His Secret

But, at the end of the day, it was all bad. The secret Robert Sr. had been hiding from the team?

Robert Sr. took out a loan he now cannot pay. Worse, Tremont Towing is the collateral and, in 90 days, the company will be gone if he doesn’t come up with the cash.

“Sometimes you gonna have to sign a deal with the devil,” Robert Sr. said simply.

Ironic, huh?

Will foreclosure be in Tremont Towing's future?

Stay tuned.

South Beach Tow airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 9:30 p.m.

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UPDATE: Robert Sr. overplaying his hand on Tremont Towing loan gamble?

Image: truTV

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