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Teutuls find 'common ground' on American Chopper series finale

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Paul Sr. and son Paul Jr. find at least some common ground when the last regular-season episode of American Chopper airs on the Discovery Channel.

The Discovery Channel is bidding goodbye to one of its long-time mainstay shows tonight: American Chopper.

Well, at least, to the regular shows; the Teutuls still have the upcoming Live Build-Off/The Revenge to complete, along with Jesse James and the Gas Monkey Garage guys from Fast N' Loud, Richard and Aaron.

Many fans seem to be bittersweet about the cancellation of the American Chopper series. The show has been on the air, in one form or another, for 10 years. First, there was American Chopper; then, after the blow-up between the two Pauls, American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior; and, finally, back to American Chopper, after the Teutul father and son began trying to rebuild their broken relationship. And, they’ve done a pretty good job, too, until they inexplicably decided that going back into business together would be a good thing. At any rate, because of this history, many fans have been wondering if the Teutuls—one or both—will find their way back to television in the future. As of this time, there have been no indications from the Discovery Channel that they have a Teutul series vehicle in the works, but you just never know. If the fans demand it, and the stars are willing, then some new version of the Teutul empire just may make it back to television.

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Goodbye, Teutuls!

For now, it’s goodbye, Teutuls. According to the Discovery Channel, on tonight’s Series Finale episode, “The Final Build”:

In the series finale, the crews are under pressure to finish the 911, GAF and Venetian bikes. Cody goes after OCC with a revengeful prank as Chopper Live draws near. Sr and Jr find common ground in their relationship but are at odds over the new company.

It will be interesting to see just what Cody’s “revengeful prank” against OCC will be; he kind of over-the-top freaked out last week when OCC brought a “riveted” vehicle over to the PJD garage.

Additionally, look for both OCC and PJD to receive nice pre-competition gifts from Richard and Aaron. As Discovery says, the gifts will have that certain Gas Monkey Garage “swagger.”

Stay tuned.

The Series Finale of American Chopper is scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel tonight, Monday, December 3, at 9 p.m. Stay tuned to see a new episode of Fast N’ Loud at 10 p.m.

UPDATED: Paul Jr. wins, Gas Monkey Garage second, but who was third, fourth?

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/American Chopper

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