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Todd Hoffman shares Gold Rush updates with fans via Facebook

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Season Three of Gold Rush is currently in production for the Discovery Channel, but Todd Hoffman is keeping his fans informed with Facebook postings.

Todd Hoffman, star of the Discovery Channel reality television series Gold Rush, is sounding overwhelmed and exhausted on his Facebook page these days.

Hoffman, who typically gives, as he says, “random thoughts” to his Facebook friends, recently said that the weight of the people counting on him to succeed is becoming overwhelming.

“Discovery is counting on me,” he wrote. “My production guys are counting on me. My team is counting on me.”

For the upcoming season of Gold Rush, Todd says he has some “killer young blood,” and they are in the process of trying to familiarize themselves with the gold mining procedures yet to come—a task that, honestly, their leader himself is still in the process of doing. Everything isn’t going as planned—as usual—for Team Hoffman, however:

“One of my new teammates was diagnosed with a major problem 6 days before we headed out. He's a champ. He's here giving me his best. I'm sure glad I got some sweet guys on my team to shoulder the load.”

Whatever the “load” might be, however, Hoffman is his usual optimistic self, describing the mining they are accomplishing this summer as “epic.” That may be a good word for it, given the goal viewers will remember he set for his team: 1,000 ounces.

“Season three on the TV part should rock but you guys will be the judge of that. The thought of not accomplishing my goal is somewhat scary.”

Overall, it seems Season Three may be the year that will make or break Hoffman on the gold-mining front:

“I would like to setup an operation in a place without perma frost someday. Will not probably be possible if I don't get a huge amount of gold this year. If not the journey for me will be stalled out, maybe over. The stakes are pretty high this year for me.”

It also sounds like Hoffman has a crowd cheering him on as he and his guys work diligently at achieving their goal, as well as support from the closest town.

“Lots of fans up here this year. Town loves us and it's bringing in business, that's fun to watch. One man that I met last year met me again this year and road his motorcycle from Colorado to put his moms ashes in the Yukon. We talked about our moms and how they had been our number one supporters. Wish him well on his journey.”

Gold Rush Getting Old for Hoffman?

It does sound like Hoffman could be considering other paths for the future, just in case.

“Our economy really isn't getting any better. I tell the younger guys I'm around about taking risks but also about not getting into personal debt. Keeping yourself as free as possible to maybe go on an adventure. Seems like God meets me in the midst of crazy adventures. Life is hard but life is good.”

And, will there be a Todd Hoffman biography out there at some point?

“I'm writing down my story when I get time,” Hoffman says. “Hard to actually do.”

Whatever the results of this year’s “epic” mining, it sounds like Todd Hoffman is still content with being Todd Hoffman:

“I just want to be used by my maker to invent and encourage people and to be a great dad and husband. I have been an inventor since I was in junior high. ... Tommorow look for an opportunity to give a word of encouragement to someone,” he advises his Facebook followers.

Stay tuned.

Image: Discovery Channel

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