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Trip Flip delivers waves, diamonds and Train in San Diego dream vacation

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Trip Flip finds two North Carolina ladies willing to take the Bert Kreischer challenge in San Diego.

When someone thinks of a once-in-a-lifetime vacation, they probably don’t think of San Diego. But, when Trip Flip host Bert Kreischer does a vacation, he does it right—you just have to agree to it before you have any idea where he is taking you.

Now, this isn’t a huge show just yet, and possibly it seems a bit creepy, having a guy with a camera walk up to you on the street and offer to take you somewhere without telling you just exactly where. But, this week, Sarah and Elizabeth from Charlotte, North Carolina, agreed to take the challenge—after Bert explained to their husbands exactly what they were doing.

Bert always has something cool up his sleeve, and his first bit of fun was catching some waves, but not in the usual way, of course. Catching a wave at the Wave House, the girls confirmed that they had never been surfing, and had not planned on doing it, but Bert had other plans. After a preliminary run on the FlowRider, which pumps out water at 25 mph, the girls took a trip on the FlowBarrel—a challenge for the pros, much less two gals from North Carolina. But, they gave it their best shot, and held on tight—not that bad, really, for complete novices. It looked like a lot of fun, anyway, especially when one is watching the show and it is 100+ degrees outside.

“I thought it was scary jumping into it,” Elizabeth said. “This isn’t something we can do anywhere at home.”

“Lowriders” were invented, the narrator said, in Southern California. And, the girls got a chance to go lowrider cruising, followed up with some giant burritos at a local favorite, Luzitas, a taco shop famous for its two-pound California burrito. They weren’t able to meet the eat-one-get-one-free challenge, but Sarah and Elizabeth were definitely feeling the lowrider culture and vibe—something they never would have know existed if it had not been for their host.

On Day Two, the girls spent a day on the party circuit with Bert and celebrity chef Brian Malarkey. They wrapped up the day at The Merck Bistro, drinking $15,000 martinis—“Forever Martinis”—with diamonds on top. Yes, diamonds, real diamonds—but, alas, the girls weren’t allowed to keep them in this case.

“We’re not taking the diamonds,” Bert said. “I don’t want that on my bill. The limit on my credit card is 800 bucks.”

Oh, well.

On Day Three, the threesome took a private plane to hang out with the three-time Grammy-winning band Train. They took off to dinner together—Bert’s treat—and learned a little about the people behind the famous faces.

“They were so down to earth,” Sarah said.

Of course, the day would not have been complete without a little “Hey, Soul Sister,” which won a Grammy in 2011. And, of course, a shirtless Bert on stage, doing a little Journey—can’t beat that.

“This is Trip Flip, and is obviously not a normal vacation,” Sarah laughed.

It never is with Trip Flip.

Stay tuned.

Trip Flip airs on the Travel Channel on Thursdays at 9/8c.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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