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Trip Flip: A little adventurous spirit goes a long way for vacation in Mexico

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Travel Channel's Trip Flip does Cabo San Lucas up right for lucky flippers Tene and John.

This week on the Travel Channel’s Trip Flip, host Bert Kreischer took on Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After a few rejections, Bert met Tene and John, from Los Angeles, California.

From the beginning, Tene was obviously the adventurous one of the pair, accepting Bert’s offer of a wild-and-crazy Trip Flip vacation with a “Yes! Yes! YES!” When the couple got to the opening activity on Day One—driving rally cars—she proved that observation to be true. As she sped around the track behind John on the five-mile track, she complained, “I’m eating car one’s dust! He’s got to go faster! Hey, Baby! You driving Miss Daisy or what?” So, the couple switched places, and Tene was off on a wild ride, even destroying an innocent cactus in the process.

“I’m glad that Trip Flip is opening him up, ‘cause now we can get him off the couch,” Tene said of her husband.

Part of the Trip Flip includes a hotel upgrade, and the couple was housed in the Hotel California. There is no official confirmation that it is THE Hotel California that the Eagles sang about, but the owners and staff probably wouldn’t argue with you if you want to believe that it is.

By Day Two, John was as enthusiastic as Tene. “I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store next,” he said. “Let’s go!” A trip north to La Paz and a boat ride to see wildlife on a guided tour started the day, followed with some fresh seafood—picking up fresh clams and having them cooked right on the beach. Hard to get much more fresh than that.

Day Three started with fresh seafood as well, but, of course, just heading to a restaurant will not do on Trip Flip. Instead, the couple was taken out on a deep sea fishing trip, where they saw some California grey whales, as well as having sea lions jumping up on the back of their boat for a snack. A couple of fish later, and the excited pair was heading back to shore with Bert, to have some yellow-tail sushi prepared at a local restaurant.

“What would you be doing if I hadn’t run into you?” Bert asked the couple as they headed back to shore.

“Probably getting up for breakfast,” John laughed.

John Finds Adventurous Side

Starting the day with such a bang, the ending of the final day of the Trip Flip had to be a good one. After visiting Land’s End via kayak tour and taking a camel ride, the threesome relaxed with an evening of tequila tasting and reflection.

“I am so glad I did this; I totally found the adventure side of John.”

“This has been an experience we will never forget,” Tene agreed.

Trip Flip airs on Thursdays at 9/8c on the Travel Channel.

Stay tuned.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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