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Trip Flip offers fearless vacationers unexpected trips of a lifetime

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Trip Flip is a new show on the Travel Channel, and promises a lot of original fun for vacationers--if they are brave enough to say, "YES!"

The Travel Channel has introduced a new show for adventurous travelers everywhere, and if you’re in the right place at the right time, you just might score one of these wild adventures for yourself.

Following a formula that has worked well for a number of do-it-yourself building shows, Trip Flip features professional fun-seeker and travel expert Bert Kreischer, who roams a city street, on the lookout for two random tourists in whatever city he has invaded. And, whichever brave twosome says yes to his offer of a three-day vacation upgrade gets an off-the-beaten path trip that no sane travel agent would have ever planned for the average client—but may have liked to have taken herself.

On the opening episode, Tom and Casey from Windsor, New York, took Kreischer up on his offer to upgrade their New Orleans trip to something action packed and unexpected for Tom’s 50th birthday. “I’m game,” Tom said, and the VIP access, accommodations and dining began. Soon, however, they found themselves in a Louisiana bayou, petting alligators.

“French Quarter, looking in the shops,” Tom said, when Kreischer asked him what the couple would have been doing if they had not met him. “This is SO much better,” he laughed, giving Kreischer a high-five.

Tom and Casey even had the opportunity to hold and kiss a couple of rare albino alligators—something travelers won’t do on just every street of New Orleans.

“Don’t ever make me do something like that again,” Casey admonished Kreischer good-naturedly. “I’m a little nervous, because I’ve held an alligator, and I haven’t even had lunch yet.”

But, lunch was not far away.

Extra Crickets, Anyone?

In a city famous for its food, it took some doing to find something unique, and Kreischer did it: A cooking class at the U.S. Customs House, at the Audubon Insectarium, North America’s largest insect museum. And, as one would expect, the recipes used, yes, bugs.

“Did we say we were hungry?” Tom asked.

After some yummy cricket beignets—“Crispy, nutty, light … you gotta try the bugs,” Casey recommended—the couple was on to experience some nightlife and street BBQ. “I don’t know what this is,” Casey said, “but it’s good.”

Tom and Casey got to go behind the scenes at a float-making business—think Mardi Gras—make bug-free beignets at Café Du Monde; took a cemetery tour, complete with hearse-transportation; took a plane ride to Woodland Plantation on the Mississippi for a seafood feast; and generally took in more of New Orleans than probably many of the natives have seen.

“It’s an experience I’ll remember for the rest of my life,” Tom said.

“Definitely a vacation we’ll never forget,” Casey agreed.

Would you be brave enough to try a Trip Flip?

Trip Flip airs on the Travel Channel on Thursdays at 9/8c.

UPDATE: A little adventurous spirit goes a long way in Mexico

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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