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Too-trusting Jungle Gold miners digging themselves deeper into debt

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Jungle Gold miners Scott and George may actually be more clueless than the Hoffman teams on Discovery Channel's Gold Rush.

Mining $9,600 in gold out of a claim estimated to hold $1.5 million in gold, Jungle Gold miners Scott Lomu and George Wright VI are out of money, out of time and out of patience.

“We’ve done nothing but lose money on this site up to this point. Now, we’re spending twice as much money, twice as much time opening up a pit. I just don’t get why we keep staying on this site,” George complained to Scott. “We’ve got to leave.”

Listening to the two when they arrived in Ghana 11 weeks ago, it all sounded so easy. “All we have to do is get it out, bring it home to our families,” George said of the gold. But, they’ve already lost the confidence of their primary investor at this point, who recently said pointedly, “I ain’t gonna invest another penny. I’m telling you right now, I’m done.”

So, what are two broke Americans in Ghana to do?

Take charge.

One Last Mining Hail Mary

With $40,000 from a Utah investor, Scott and George came to the conclusion that their only hope was to get on a new claim and take charge themselves, instead of keeping on keeping on at their current site with claim owners who are definitely not getting them on the gold.

“I realize we could have done just as bad a job as they did,” George said to Scott. Twisted logic, perhaps, but the only logic the two have at this point.

So, could traditional hand-mining be their best option?

Probably not, but trying to rent their unused trommel to the hand-mining operation could turn them some quick cash. But, the hand-mining method has been used in Ghana for centuries, and they were not interested in George’s offer. After all, using a trommel would take away jobs from locals—actually a refreshing point of view.

Rock-Crushing Venture

The guys did a little research, found out about rock-crushing, and decided to give it a go. But Victor, the site foreman, was not convinced that they were going down the right path, especially since they were investing more money into new equipment AND giving up a 50-50 share of profits to a new potential partner.

“Right now, they are confused, the guys are desperate. So, anything that you tell them that sounds good, they want to do it. They trust anybody who speaks sweet words. So, if you come to them and know how to talk they’ll say okay. So, it’s like anything goes.”

Not exactly a vote of confidence from Victor.

Walking Away?

With a potential new deal going, Scott and George's old deal was still in force, and their partners on that site were not willing to just let them walk away, and sent Scott and George a bill for $50,000—and kept all of their equipment until the bill is paid.

“I just didn’t realize how big this invoice was gonna be,” Scott said, making one wonder just how closely they have been watching anything going on around them.

So, basically, Ghana has been an ongoing disaster for the two American miners.

But, could the new site prove to be exactly what they have been hoping for the entire time they have been in Ghana?

Running one rock crusher on their new site, the guys found only a miniscule 1.4 grams—approximately 1/5 of what it cost to run the site for the day.

End of the Road?

So, yet another new site plan?

Perhaps Victor is right—talk sweetly to them, and they will agree.

“We lost control of the whole thing,” George said dejectedly.

Their debt is now over 1.2 million dollars; could it be the end of the road for Scott and George in Ghana?

Stay tuned.

Jungle Gold airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 10/9c.

UPDATED: Fans wonder, "Is this show fake?"

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Jungle Gold


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Scott and George are greedy inept and clueless, they have no clue how to talk to people, manage a business or maintain equipment. Scott and George buy high and sell low, they pay exorbitant prices for very little return, and blame everyone else. Scott and George are a financial fishbowl perfect example of American government, this show has no redeeming value and I'm rooting for Ghana to win.

Submitted by xfullboost (not verified) on
"Scott and George are a financial fishbowl perfect example of American government" what is a financial fishbowl? and how is it a perfect example of american government?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I agree, what do you mean this is an example of the American government? This show is entertaining and I love these guys. By financial fishbowl, do you mean a Ponzi Scheme? If so, this is not. I'm rooting for them because they're the only legitimate miners there. They try to follow the rules and local customs and don't resort to threats of violence or coercion, unlike Chris and the unlawful Chinese miners.

Submitted by Davehuckleberry (not verified) on
This show is yet another fake reality show. They make so many rookie mistakes and losing that much money being robbed in a country where people will slit your throat for $1??? The problem is the ratings are very high. People are sucked in so there will be a 2nd season. Unfortunately.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
They make so many rookie mistakes and losing that much money being robbed in a country where people will slit your throat for $1??? This is the kind of ignorance generated by people who have no idea about Ghana pr Africa. It's a stereo typical mindset of the West that gave us Jane and Tarzan living in the African jungle with subservient natives.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
theses two are definatley clueless, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put a pencil to the numbers, they haven't extracted shit for gold yet continue to get sucked down the drain spending other peoples $, for that matter there investors aren't that bright either continulously investing in these loosers

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I think it interesting that most of the people with whom Ive spoken dont want Scott and George to succeed. They dont seem to play well to an average audience. Not that this has anything to do with finding gold.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Yep, I am definitely not a fan of these two. They are egotistical leeches who seem to have no moral qualms with tearing up virgin jungle, exploiting third world miners and recklessly gambling with other people's money. Lets not forget how they got there too. They ignorantly overleveraged themselves in sleazy real estate dealings.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
These two are clueless and a bad investment. they couldn't even save money they made from prior business ventures. anyone that invested in these to selfish guys are even dumber. i feel bad for there wifes but then again im sure they will leave these guys when they have to move to the ghetto.

Submitted by FXSTRYDER (not verified) on
The only way that i can see these two guys making any monies, is to have hired a team of special forces troops and stood their ground from day one !!! But i respect that they are trying to do things peacefully , to bad that they didn't hire someone that knew how to get the gold out in the first place...


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