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Upscale bug-out includes helicopter on tonight's Doomsday Preppers

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Tonight fans will meet an unusual prepper on National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Preppers, Bob Kay, who has not only six motorcycles for bugging out, but his own helicopter, as well.

With Sandy destruction still looming and economic disaster potentially just over the cliff, fans of Doomsday Preppers are more curious than ever to learn about preparing for potential disasters. Tonight, on episode, “You’ve Got Chaos,” fans will learn about upscale prepping with prepper Bob Kay.

Prepper Bob Kay’s specific disaster fear involves earthquakes. According to National Geographic Channel:

Most Californians fear a massive earthquake, but Bob Kay believes the earthquake will cause unprecedented destruction to the environment. He has planted hundreds of edible plants on his property and is training his 12-year old daughter in self-defense tactics.

As Bob prepares for the social breakdown of California, as a nutritional scientist, he is increasing his knowledge of plants and planning for a motorcycle bug-out, if necessary. He has a large desert property that serves as a self-sustainable shelter for himself, his wife (who thinks his prepping is somewhat insane) and his two daughters, with over 300 edible plants. Additionally, Bob installed a 35,000-gallon saltwater pool on the property. This water can easily be converted to drinking water via distillation.

Bob, as the trainers point out, has the advantage of financial abundance to aid him in his prepping efforts. He has spent over $150,000 on his preps, which include $45,000 on three-years’ worth of freeze-dried foods and six motorcycles, his bug-out vehicles of choice. In addition to the $150,000, Bob also splurged on a helicopter for additional transportation means, if necessary, to the tune of half-a-million dollars.

Will Bob’s ability to spend lavishly on his prepping supplies get him a better score with the experts?

Stay tuned.

Doomsday Preppers airs on the National Geographic Channel on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m.

Image: National Geographic Channel

Video: National Geographic Channel/Doomsday Preppers/Bob Kay

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