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Will Carlos give Lou an ultimatum on Operation Repo?

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Carlos's discontent grows when Lou denies his request for a raise this week on truTVs Operation Repo.

The team on truTVs Operation Repo seems to be coming apart at the seams.

Ronnie recently got a promotion and pay raise, which Lou announced to the entire team. But, that is not sitting well with Carlos, who believes that he deserves more money as much as Ronnie. And, Ronnie isn’t doing himself any favors, not recognizing Carlos’s discontent and flaunting his new income, saying to Carlos, “Your boy makin’ a little more bread now,” and buying Carlos a pair of 50-yard-line tickets as a token of his appreciation. Sure, he was trying to be nice on the one hand, but he’s also not being sensitive to the situation.

As a result of his discontent, Carlos approached Lou about getting a raise himself.

“Okay, look, man, why do you feel you deserve a raise?” laughing as he asked.

“I’ve put in just as much time as Ronnie; I’ve been in the same dangerous situations; … I’ve never ran from anything; I’ve always been there for everybody.”

But, Lou was not moved.

“I can’t have everyone coming in here and asking for a raise, all at the same time; there’s other people who work here, too,” he said, and basically told Carlos he would think about it and get back to him.

Look Out Below!

When Froy commented to him that he had been acting strangely, Carlos said that he did not want to drag him or anyone else into his personal issues. Froy, however, was concerned that his problems would affect his repoing.

Hitting a construction site, the two almost bit off a little more than they could chew with an angry construction worker who had a whole crew backing him up—a BIG crew. Fortunately for Froy and Carlos, the supervisor sent them all back to work. However, the supervisor ultimately got into the argument, and things went from bad to worse when the construction worker whose car was being repo’d tried to smash the repo truck, but instead dropped a beam on the supervisor’s car, absolutely destroying it.

Being that guy would not have been a good thing when his supervisor finally caught him.

Sorry, Carlos, No More Money

At the end of the episode, Lou let Carlos know that his request for a raise had been denied; he just could not afford it. Carlos, however, was not satisfied with Lou’s answer.

“Ronnie hasn’t done anything different than I have since we’ve been here,” Carlos told the camera. “He only got the raise because he threatened to quit. If that’s what you’ve gotta do to get ahead in this company, I guess I gotta sink to that level.”

Stay tuned.

Operation Repo airs on truTV on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m.

UPDATED: Carlos's anger, jealousy boil over as he schemes against Ronnie

Image: truTV

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