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Will it be an all-out dozer war on Gold Rush?

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Things may be coming to a head in the Klondike this week, as Dave bucks Todd's demands to give up his dozer.

When Season Three of Discovery Channel's Gold Rush began, fans had to have suspected that Dave and Todd would knock heads sooner or later. After all, Dave has been (im)patiently working with Todd’s ever-changing, ever-failing plans for quite some time, and Dave just isn’t a stand-beside-and-keep-failing kind of guy.

Dave has a take-charge personality, and when this season began, he made that more clear than ever when he demanded to mine the Indian River claim himself, with his own team. It was a good move for Team Hoffman overall—otherwise, they would be goldless at this point—but it also opened up the door for even more conflict. After all, there isn’t much of a team dynamic going on at this point; Todd has the Quartz Creek claim so screwed up with his Turbo Trommel foolishness, his team was unable to provide even seven paltry ounces to complete the 100-ounce demand of investor Jason Otteson.

Sap, Sap and More Sap

As tiring as it gets hearing Todd’s variations of, “We just gotta believe it, and I think we can get to 1,000 ounces,” as a viewer, it has to be 100-times more frustrating for Dave. After awhile, Todd’s sappy platitudes get old when they are not backed up with results. Fine, believe you can do it—but DO it. And, at this point, Dave is the one doing it, not “leader” Todd.

“There’s no doubt about it,” Dave said in a camera cameo. “We put the best team together, we’ve got the best plant; we’ve worked our butts off.”

Meanwhile, Todd is still trying to just get his wash plant running and catching gold.

So, this week, when Todd comes to Dave and demands his dozer, Dave is in no mood to comply. And, it appears that Dave may have finally had enough of Todd’s gold-mining “leadership.” After all, this "team" effort has been all Team Turin at this point; why wouldn't Dave be upset?

Glory Hole Glory, Big Nugget Bust

Meanwhile, back in Alaska, Parker is finding that things are not getting any easier as the land becomes more challenging, and Dakota Fred’s team is all over the Glory Hole, looking for the score of his lifetime. According to the Discovery Channel:

Todd and Dave war over equipment, Parker faces a crew rebellion, and Dakota Fred attacks the Glory Hole with a secret weapon.

Will it be a knock-down, drag-out on Indian River? Will Parker be able to convince his crew that there is still money to be made at the Big Nugget Mine? And, has Fred indeed hit upon the ancient waterfall that will bring him the mother lode in the end?

Stay tuned.

Gold Rush airs on the Discovery Channel on Friday nights at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Gold Rush

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