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Will viewers give Amish Mafia another record-breaking night this week?

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Huliq readers indicate that Amish Mafia is not the type of show they want to see from Discovery Channel, but viewership numbers in the millions indicate otherwise.

Amish Mafia continues on the Discovery Channel tonight, even as viewers question the actual existence of such an organization.

After watching the first two episodes of this new reality series, questions regarding the validity of this “organization” have only increased among many viewers. According to the Discovery Channel, this is a side of Amish society that exists under the radar, and the Amish church denies the group’s existence. But, indicates Discovery, despite the secrecy and denials, Amish Mafia provides eyewitness accounts of the incidents, misdeeds and wrongdoings within the Amish community, as well as a rare look at Levi—the leader of the so-called organization—and his team members, all of whom work together to maintain harmony. Still, although Discovery Channel does insist that there is reality to this reality series, to protect participants and their family members, Discovery Channel has also indicated that some identifying information and property has been changed. Additionally, Discovery adds, some scenes have been reenacted. Although this disclosure was made upfront and voluntarily by the network, some viewers are not buying it. As one anonymous Huliq reader commented:

"Re-enacted and information changed" says it all.

And, others just did not find the show’s cast credible. As another anonymous Huliq reader put it:

I could only take about 10 minutes of this idiocy! Really? You spent good money producing this ludicrous show! The characters are completely unbelievable as well as the title of the show...what a bunch of crap!

Show It and They Will Come

Still, people were curious. When the show debuted last week, with a sneak peek following the mega-popular American Chopper: Live Build-Off, and an official premiere episode the following night, people were watching. According to the Discovery Channel, the Amish Mafia sneak peek was the highest-rated launch in the network’s history, with 3.41 million viewers. And, lest anyone think that viewers only hung around following the build-off, the following night Amish Mafia delivered a record 3.64 million viewers. So, fans watched on Tuesday and came back for more on the following night—in fact, in greater numbers than on the record-breaking sneak-peek night.

But, will fans return tonight? According to the Discovery Channel:

Amish Mafia boss Lebanon Levi and his crew run a secret MMA barn fight. Mafia soldier Jolin must do battle and win, to bring in money and maintain respect for the crew. Meanwhile, Ohio's Amish Mafia boss, Merlin, uses John in an attempt to damage Levi.

Will it all be too unbelievable for fans to keep coming back for more? Or, in fact, has the Discovery Channel once again tapped into a “secret life” that viewers had no idea they were interested in knowing more about until they were introduced to it by Discovery?

Stay tuned.

The latest episode of Amish Mafia, “Devil Comes Calling,” airs tonight, Wednesday, December 19, on the Discovery Channel at 9/8c.

Image: Discovery Channel

Video: Discovery Channel/Amish Mafia


Submitted by Marc (not verified) on
The show is very fake - perhaps even faker than "The Devils Ride". but entertaining nonetheless. These Amish folks are more wild than me (I'm no Saint nor religious)! I think I saw somewhere that this is not "reality", but more of a dramatization using non-union actors (ya know, to keep costs low - lol). No real Amish folks would allow cameras anywhere near them - let alone film them while drunk and snogging. Drinking, sex, violence, drama, guns, cars, fire... sheesh. These are God's people?? yuuup!

Submitted by PaganSun (not verified) on
Coming from Lancaster County I can say I have seen these people around the area dressed as Amish prior to any Amish TV shows .... but in reality there is no Amish Mafia, Fixers yes ... but not church sanctioned - Amish Keg parties, Amish pot fields, cars, computers just about anything the English do the Amish will do. I've even seen Amish men going into porn stores. The show does give a more realistic look into Amish life than most documentaries on the Amish have done in the past - Historical perspective likes to whitewash and water down the realities of life this is open and raw and does give you more of a realistic view of the Amish.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Oh I want to believe this show is all true. I love it. Me and my friends are completely hooked on it.

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