The Catholic Company Now Offering Christmas Wafers

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Oplatki - Christmas Wafers

The Catholic Company is now making it possible for people to order Oplatki wafers for the dining room table in time for the Christmas holiday.

When people gather around the table in the dining room, they create a variety of memorable family traditions. During the Christmas season, many Catholics serve special wafers called Oplatki. Now you can pre-order these affordable Christmas wafers from The Catholic Company to ensure you can enjoy this familiar tradition this year.

People are revamping their living rooms and dining rooms in anticipation of entertaining during the holiday season. Christmas is closer than people think and certain preparations needs to be made ahead of time. One of them is ordering Oplatki to share with friends, family and classmates as well as beloved pets. Now The Catholic Company is making it possible to pre-order pink and white Oplatki in family-friendly quantities. Your holiday table will be complete with these decorative and meaningful wafers.

Oplatki measures 5 ½” x 2 ¾” and bears stamped Christmas images such as the Star of Bethlehem or the Nativity. These familiar images are a reflection of the Christmas decorations that will soon adorn homes and churches. Each Optlatki comes in an envelope for sharing. The wafers stay fresh for a several months in a sealed container. This makes it possible to order ahead of time to make sure you can participate in this meaningful tradition. They can also be sent to family and friends to stay in touch and share this blessed tradition.

Oplatki is safe for people and pets. In fact, it was originally shared with pets because animals were among the first to greet baby Jesus on Christmas. If you order now, it is only $6 for a set of ten. Choose from white or pink and white Christmas wafers. There are also sets of 20 for $10, 50 for $22 and 100 for $42. The thin wafers look at lot like Communion hosts. This traditional began in Poland. The wafers are part of the Kucios meal in Lithuania. Slovaks refer to them as oblatky but Americans typically call them Christmas wafers. The traditional has become global and often wafers are sent in Christmas cards or served during holiday dinners.

Before the Christmas Eve meal, people gather around the table with Christmas wafer. A piece is broken off by the oldest person in the family who passes to someone else with a blessing. It is passed around for everyone to get a piece and share a blessing. Bethlehem mean “House of Bread” and people break bread during the holidays to show their friendship and sense of charity. Now is the time to order Christmas wafers from The Catholic Company to make sure your dining room décor is complete on every level. Sign up for emails to get updates about discounts and more to receive a coupon for 15 percent off your next order.

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons