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Chris Brown Blonde Hair Might Be More Fun

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Chris Brown blonde hair is the musician's new look revealed today on Twitter. Fans wonder if Brown will discover the answer to whether blondes really have more fun and get more F.A.M.E.

Chris Brown blonde hair photos surfaced on Twitter early Sunday morning just days after photos of the singer's altercation with ex-girlfriend Rihanna before the 2009 Grammys. Detailed photos finally hit the news on Wednesday showing color photos of a bruised Rihanna with cuts in her mouth.

The 21 year old is also ready to release his fourth album, F.A.M.E., on March 22. Just weeks before his new album is due to hit the shelves, a Chris Brown blonde hair pic hit the 'net.

In the photo, Chris Brown looks like he is having a serious conversation during a meal out at a restaurant. Today he tweeted a photo of his cropped blonde hair, telling fans to “Look at me now.”

The New York Daily News reports back when Chris Brown was involved in the altercation with Rihanna, he posted several angry tweets. All of these tweets were removed after the detailed photos of Rihanna leaked a couple of days ago. Fans were shocked to see Rihanna's bruised and cut face as the original photos released were in black and white.

At the time of the altercation, Brown accepted a plea deal after pleading guilty to the assault. The deal included five years of probation and community service. Earlier this month, a court ordered was lifted that had barred Brown from contacting Rihanna.

According to MTVUK, Brown indicated about the recent release of the Rihanna photos, “It's ironic how 'somebody' put this out right around my album time! Wow! I guess that's supposed to be strategic chess move. Unbelievable.”

In a chess move himself, Chris Brown blonde hair photos have everyone talking about his light-colored locks rather than the pics of ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

With his angry tweets now gone, Brown has a message posted on Wednesday, “The beauty is inside you!! Don't let em bring you down!!!!! Beautiful people!”
Now Chris Brown blonde hair is apparently making him one of the beautiful people on the outside according to fans on Twitter.

JuwanTBRep states on Twitter, “Its hilarious how all of yall sit her and judge him because of his hair color. The dude is still making more money then all of us no matter what he does. I say its dope.”

Kristinderson stated, “Everyone keeps saying, 'Why?' Because he's not scared of CHANGE thats why. He looks fine, I love it!”

WhatsMyName32 admitted, “Chris Brown u will alwayz be sexy cute and talented to me but I don't like it that much but u still cute and I will get use to it.”

Either way, it seems Chris Brown blonde hair is his attempt to have more fun and gain F.A.M.E. before the release of his album of the same name.

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