HGTV and Chase Freedom Offer 10 Frugal Holiday Decorating Tips

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HGTV holidays

HGTV helps people make their homes more beautiful all year round and now they are offering 10 savvy tips to save money on holiday decorating.

A penny saved is almost like a penny earned. Saving money is an excellent way to get what you want or need for less. HGTV is offering 10 terrific holiday decorating tips that can help you save money during a time of year when everyone is spending it. HGTV helps people make their homes look wonderful all year round. Now your home can look great for less with smart tips from HGTV and Chase Freedom.

For example, your holiday cards can become part of your holiday decorations. Simply get a bulletin board and secure colorful ribbons in a crisscross or square pattern. As holiday cards arrive, tuck them into the ribbons. After the holidays, you can remove these seasonal cards and add items such as photos, birthday cards and more. The bulletin board can become a focal point in you home that reflects the current time of the year.

Another tip is to start moving your furniture around to accommodate holiday decorations. People need to fit a Christmas tree, gifts and more into the same space. Moving your furniture on your own makes the most of your current space. Ask family members to help out. An affordable way to make your living spaces look festive is adding a few holiday themed throw pillows to the mix. Make a few affordable ornaments and decorations with your family to get into the holiday spirit. Painting ornaments or adding glitter to a basic wreath are budget-conscious and easy for anyone to do. Invite your friends over to help with the decorating. You don't have to plan a pricey dinner party to have a fun gathering. Serve some cookies and egg nog while everyone trims the tree.

Do you old items lying around the house such as a wooden sled or fuzzy mittens? People might not use them for their intended purpose anymore but they can still be useful for the holidays. Use them to decorate your home. Place them by the front door or by your fireplace for a rustic and wintry touch. This is an excellent way to re-purpose items that might be lurking in your attic, basement or the back of your closet. You can also shop at local thrift stores for old-fashioned holiday ornaments. They often cost a fraction of the price of buying new ones and bring a unique look to your home.

Nothing is less expensive or more beautiful than a holiday candle display. You can purchase scented candles at your local dollar store. They also have an array of candle holders. Some candles come in their own base or holder. Display these fragrant candles around your house for a holiday scent you can't resist. Consider fragrances such as pine and cinnamon that warm every area of your home. Bring a glow to any evening when you light the candles for the holiday season.

Your old Christmas lights might be costing you a bundle when it comes to electric bills. Consider getting LED lights to save money. They are updated and look fabulous in your windows or outdoors. Add a bit of holiday music in the background for a festive feeling that doesn't cost much. You don't have to break the bank to get into the holiday spirit. Simply visit HGTV and Chase Freedom to get innovative money-saving holiday tips. Everyone will feel at home for the holidays when they visit your house in December! Best of all, you won't be worrying about paying the bills in January.

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