HGTV Cousins Undercover is More Rewarding with a Free Viggle App

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The hit show HGTV Cousins Undercover is even more rewarding with a free Viggle app that features an exciting live experience today.

Everyone is talking about the new hit show on HGTV, “Cousins Undercover.” The show stars two real-life cousins, Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri. They are renovation pros who transform ordinary spaces into extraordinary places. Now the show is even more rewarding with a free Viggle app that includes a live experience on Sunday. For watching, users earn points that can be cashed in for rewards from their favorite merchants.

Anthony Carrino and John Colaneri are known for their appearance in HGTV “Kitchen Cousins.” These renovation experts turned unattractive kitchens into functional and beautiful places to cook and entertain. Now they have a new hit show on HGTV, “Cousins Undercover.” The dynamic duo will find neighborhood heroes and surprise them with impressive home makeovers. The cousins are known for their renovating skills and rugged good looks.

Now watching HGTV “Cousins Undercover” is even more rewarding with a free Viggle app for your favorite mobile device. Viggle makes it possible to check into your favorite television shows and access cool bonus content about them. You can also chat with your friends about HGTV shows and more. Best of all, you earn rewards for watching on Viggle. The app is free and easy to use. Now apps aren't just for your kids anymore! You can get an app you enjoy using that helps you keep up with the latest content from HGTV and more.

The rewards points you earn for watching on Viggle can be used to score rewards from leading merchants such as Barnes and Noble, Starbucks and Groupon as well as Foot Locker, Best Buy and more. These rewards points can also be used to help low income homeowners. Donate them to HGTV partner, Rebuilding Together, to do something you feel good about. Viggle can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store so you can start earning points for rewards right away.

Use Viggle to test your television knowledge, find out more about the hottest shows on HGTV and chat with your Facebook friends. Get access to fantastic bonuses such as today's HGTV “Cousins Undercover” live experience. Free fans can resist finding out more about these talented and good-looking cousins. It's even sweeter when you earn free rewards to do something you love. Catch HGTV “Cousins Undercover” tonight at 8 p.m. EST.

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