HGTV Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas for Under $10

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HGTV homemade holiday gift ideas

HGTV is proving one of the easiest ways to score great deals for the holidays is to make your own impressive gifts for under $10.

Few people can find holidays gifts for under $10. Often they wind up competing to find the last item on Black Friday then stand on a long line to pay for it. HGTV is offering ideas for beautiful homemade holiday gifts for under $10. You don't have to be crafty to make them and recipients of all ages are sure to be pleased with these cool holiday gifts.

Finding holiday deals can be a huge challenge, especially if you want to pay $10 or less per gift. Wading through circulars and waiting on lines is time-consuming and frustrating. It is even worse when you arrive at the store and discover the last item was sold five minutes ago. HGTV homemade holiday gift ideas for under $10 help holiday shoppers avoid these hassles. You don't have to have extensive crafting skills to make these wonderful gifts and you stay within your designated budget.

For example, people of all ages would like to receive a homemade tic tac toe set. Everyone knows how to play this simple game. It is fun to make and even more fun to receive as a holiday gift. Best of all, people with basic craft skills can make a tic tac toe game with a fabric bag, banding tape and paint with some wooden X's and O's.

Are you looking for something special to give to a teacher, aunt or grandmother? Create a candle by using a teacup, wick and some wax. This holiday gift is sure to be treasured. You can also turn holiday-inspired cookie cutters into candles to display for Christmas.

You can also paint a simple serving try to turn it into a chalkboard. Recipient can write down what they are serving for the holidays on the chalkboard surface. Another fantastic holiday gift idea from HGTV is a chalkboard drink barrel, right in time for the season of imbibing. HGTV also shows you how to make refrigerator magnet, which are ideal stocking stuffers as well as holiday gifts for everyone from the mail carrier to mom and dad.

HGTV also shows fans how to make festive items for the holiday season using items that are typically around the house this time of year. For example, you can make a holiday tree using corks from wine bottles served at pre-holiday celebrations. It is amazing to discover how many wonderful holiday gifts you can make for under $10.

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