HGTV Pumpkin Carving Templates for a Decorative Fall Home

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HGTV Pumpkin Carving Templates

HGTV pumpkin carving templates come in handy as everyone gets ready to decorate their homes for fall and Halloween night.

HGTV knows how people enjoy seasonally decorating their homes for various holidays. With Halloween around the corner, HGTV is offering free pumpkin carving templates to make the ultimate creative jack-o-lantern. Make your home more festive and use the insides of the pumpkin to make a delicious pumpkin pie.

Making a jack-o-lantern can be a major challenge. Trying to carve an attractive pumpkin often goes wrong if you don't use a template. Invest in a carving kit from the local dollar store to ensure you have the right tools for the job. Then depend on HGTV to get free pumpkin carving templates to make your creation stand out from the crowd. Often jack-o-lanterns have familiar triangular cutouts for the eyes, nose and mouth. The free pumpkin templates at the HGTV website give people incredible ideas. For example, you can carve a jack-o-lantern featuring the infamous Headless Horseman. It is sure to look scary on your front porch when people pass by at night.

Edgar Allen Poe wrote the famed poem about a haunting raven. HGTV has a template of a raven to carve into your pumpkin. Another cool choice is the mummy. It certainly changes the face of the traditional jack-o-lantern. For those who remember some of the creepy fairy tales of their youth, there is a Hansel and Gretel pumpkin carving template as well as one featuring a castle. A black widow spider also looks spine-tingling on your pumpkin. While some people might want images from popular stories, HGTV offers some unusual pumpkin carving templates. An elegant chair is perfect for people who display pumpkins on a porch with a sitting area. A butterfly adds a beautiful touch of life and gentility to the concept of displaying a jack-o-lantern.

Consider a few tried-and-true HGTV seasonal images such as the skull and candle or an odd-looking wizard. Dedicated HGTV fans will probably prefer the pumpkin carving template featuring the HGTV logo with a cat. There is also a fabulous template with the HGTV logo and the image of a moon. When you clean out the pumpkin to create a Halloween jack-o-lantern, don't waste the precious insides. Use the pumpkin conscientiously instead of getting rid of delicious food. For example, Martha Stewart offers as mouthwatering recipe for roasted pumpkin seeds. Martha Steward also offers a tasty array of fall-friendly recipes featuring pumpkin. Between HGTV and Martha Stewart, your home is sure to look good and smell great for the fall season!

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