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Lindsay Lohan White Dress Gains Popularity

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Lindsay Lohan wore a sexy white mini dress to court to face felony charges and has become a fashion icon in the process.

Lindsay Lohan faced felony grand theft charges in court on Wednesday and bail was set at $20,000. With a DUI, rehab and other charges in her past, more court time was bad news for Lohan. While many thought the focus would be on her possible felony, Lohan's alluring white dress got all the attention.

The Lindsay Lohan white dress was short and tight-fitting, causing a buzz at the courthouse and in the media. Lohan showed up for her court appearance in Los Angeles wearing the seductive mini-dress with bare legs, pumps and oversize sunglasses. Some speculated whether Lindsay chose white to show her innocence.

Either way, Linday Lohan's white dress caused a major stir. People reported the dress was “remniscent of something one might wear for a night on the town.”

Many felt the curvaceous dress was not appropriate to wear to court. Whether the dress was suitable or not, fashion-forward females are buzzing to buy it.

The Washington Post reports the white dress LiLo wore to her arraignment on Wednesday has sold out at online retailers. It is unlikely other women will wear the dress to court unless Lohan has started a new trend. It is more likely the famed Lindsay Lohan white dress will turn up at clubs and hot spost around the country.

The Lindsay Lohan white dress is actually a “Glavis” dress by Kimberly Ovitz. The eye-catching white dress retails for $575 and is part of the designer's pre-fall collection. Lindsay Lohan chose the color “albino” but the dress comes in three other colors. Fans and fashionistas rushed online retailers to buy the dress to add to their closets.

There are rumors Lohan was paid to wear the dress to give Ovitz exposure. Oddly enough, the felony grand theft charges Lohan faces are for allegedly stealing a necklace from Venice, California jewelry store. Further rumors indicate the store might have wanted Lohan to wear their jewelry to give them exposure and the theft was a misunderstanding.

A source said to People, “Lindsay's used to getting gifted items that are worth way more than that. And why would she steal a necklace? She has tons of jewelry and doesn't need any more."

If the white dress is on loan, it seems reasonable Lindsay Lohan will promptly return it under the current circumstances.

Photo from Washington Post, Getty Images

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