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Wonderlic Test and Which NFL Hopeful Scored 48?

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The Wonderlic sample test is all over the Internet now that NFL Draft quarterback Greg McElroy scored an impressive 48 out of 50.

People all over the country want to try the Wonderlic sample test now that the news is out. NFL Draft quarterback Greg McElroy, former University of Alabama signal-caller, reportedly scored a whopping 48 out of 50 on the Wonderlic test according to FoxSports.

The Bleacher Report reveals the Wonderlic exam is used to determine how smart football players really are. The players must take the test on their own. There is nobody to sit in for them and the test separates the men from the boys on an intellectual level.

The NFL Scouting Combines athletes worked hard in the weight room, gym and eating special foods to achieve optimum fitness and impress NFL scouts and general managers. Some, like McElroy, were also exercising their minds.

Every year, players entering the NFL draft are giving the Wonderlic test. The players only have 12 minutes to complete the 50-question test. The average score out of the 50 questions is 24, proving how difficult this test is.

Historically speaking, players have scored on the extreme high end and the low end of the Wonderlic exam. Last year everyone talked about Vince Young after rumors revealed he might have scored a 6. Other players on the low end include Dan Marino at 16 and Donovan McNabb at 14.

In 2006, Ryan Fitzpatrick of St. Louis scored a 50. He is only a backup quarterback today so Wonderlic test scores certainly aren't everything. Harvard grad PatMcNally, who moved on to punt for the Bengals from 1976 to 1985, registered a perfect score.

NFL scouts are doubting the accuracy of recent reports indicating McElroy got a 48, stating is it unlikely the 2011 NFL combine results would be known at this point. However, father Greg McElroy Sr., begs to differ and said his son did score a 48.

McElroy could not throw for scouts because of a broken bone in his hand, which he got at the January's Senior Bowl. He took the Wonderlic test at the Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. He was projected as a fifth-round pick. McElroy brought Crimson Tide through a perfect season.

The Wonderlic test is used predominantly to gauge a player's ability to learn plays and digest the playbooks. The average score for non-athletes and athletes is 24 out of 50. features a Wonderlic sample test so fans can see if they are as smart as their favorite players. Aspiring NFL players can check of they will look smart when they take the Wonderlic.

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