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Angelina Jolie's much curvier shape really stands out in newest pictures

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Angelina Jolie is sporting a much curvier figure than she was just a few months back, bringing up a variety of questions about her new larger assets.

Her newest pictures today show a much bustier Angelina Jolie along with more weight on her hips and her face.

E News Now is showing a video of Angelina at the Golden Globe Awards back in January and a picture of Angelina today walking in New Orleans. The side by side comparison of her two pictures does show a big difference in body weight.

See Angelina Jolie video with her new curvier body

E News said that there have been rumors of another baby on board for Angelina, especially now that her breasts are swollen to double the size they were a few months ago. Nothing about a pregnancy is coming from the Jolie- Pitt camp. If every rumor of Angelina Jolie being pregnant was true, the Jolie -Pitts would have 101 kids by now.

The larger breasts and chunkier cheeks are not the work of plastic surgery because the weight is also seen in Angelina’s hips. One thing for sure, she looks like she is in the picture of health and her beauty is even more radiant with the much needed weight back on her frame.

Angelina Jolie landed in New Orleans this weekend with the rest of her brood to join Brad Pitt in the Big Easy. Brad has been filming a new movie and is staying in New Orleans near the area where they are shooting the film.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt own a home in the French Quarter of New Orleans and that is where they are staying while Brad finishes up filming. The city of New Orleans has been buzzing with the Jolie - Pitt clan sightings.

The Jolie-Pitt’s are not hard to spot, as they take up a good chunk of the sidewalk when they stroll through the city streets. It almost looks like a class trip coming down the sidewalk with all the kids in tow.

Calm, cool, and collected are Brad and Angelina as they are surrounded by all these kids on an outing. The pictures usually depict Brad and Angelina each holding one of the twins with the rest of the kids on foot all around the couple. They look very much like the average American family with nothing flashy about them by way of clothes or fancy hair-dos.

A picture is worth a thousand words and these new pictures of Angelina say she is healthy and eating right. They also convey the Jolie - Pitt clan as one happy family.

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