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The Bachelor's love words come back to bit him

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The Bachelor 2011 is over and Emily has won Brad’s heart as his serial “I love you” comments have come back to bite him.

After watching the love that they shared in the finale of the 2011 “The Bachelor,” it looked like a fairy tale, but this fairy tale ended abruptly. Emily watched “The Bachelor” every Monday night and saw Brad’s antics with the other women, especially Chantal and Ashley, who Brad had believing that they had a future with him. Tonight, although Emily says she loves Brad and is still considers herself “engaged” to the man, she is not ready for a wedding any time soon. She is not even ready to move to Austin to be with him.

Emily said she understood that “The Bachelor” was a reality show and that many of the things she saw Brad experience with the other ladies was par for the course, but she did say “did you have to give them so much material to work with?” Emily was referring to the fact that Brad really led Chantal and Ashley on, so much so, that she said that while watching this she wondered why he didn’t pick one of them? They looked like they had a good thing going with Brad.

Emily is a little spit fire on the “After the Rose” show and is not going to move forward until they get some things straightened out. “Brad has a bit of a temper” they have had some “volatile” and “knock down drag out fights.” This was all the elaboration given on this subject.

Brad had said to Emily that “he fell in love pretty early on during the show.” She feels like some of the things that Brad did or said to the other women should have been reserved for her, if he really did fall in love early on like he said. What these things were, she again did not elaborate.

Emily was feeling anxiety over Monday nights and now that this is over, Emily and Brad can “start with a clean slate.” Each Monday night she would see Brad getting romantic with the other ladies, making the things he said and did with her “a dime a dozen.” This took away her thoughts that she was “special” in Brad’s eyes, after seeing the words and actions repeated with other women.

Brad was leading the final three ladies to believe that they each were the one. “I can definitely see you in my future” and “I could spend my life with” were the phrases he repeated often to the final three women. Emily saw this over and over again on Monday nights and this became a rude awaking for her. The beautiful words of love and romance seemed like a canned response for Emily after seeing Brad say them again and again to other women. This was disturbing to her.

Emily believes they will marry, but she feels some things need to be worked out between the two of them before the trip to the alter. Chantal is not ready to move to Austin and live with Brad yet.

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