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The Bachelor finale: Will Brad treat his wife the way he treats his mother?

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“The Bachelor” winds down tonight with its final episode. The family visit is a tell-tale sign of how this season’s, “The Bachelor,” Brad Womack, is going to treat the woman he becomes engaged to.

The finale of “The Bachelor” not only brings Brad to the final rose, but it also brings Brad’s mom, and the rest of his family for a visit. Brad and his mom appear extremely close and the hug he gave her was worth a million words. He is a good boy! His love and respect for his mother is very obvious in their interactions this evening.

An old wives tale says: “take a look at how a man treats his mother and this is how he will treat his wife.” Chantal or Emily, which ever of the two he picks, will to be worshiped if this is the case. Brad treated his mom with much respect and love. Brad actually sobbed as he hugged his mom upon her arrival in South Africa and onto “The Bachelor” set.

With all the hoopla about the final rose, many fans have forgot that this is “The Bachelor” episode where Brad’s family meet the final two women. The discussion that Brad has with his family, when he tells them he has absolutely fallen in love, is very sincere. Brad is looking for their support and this says a lot about how much his family means to him. This type of family love and unity will most likely bleed over into Brad’s own marriage, which is a good thing for his new wife, who ever this me be?

When Brad tells his family that he is in love, his mom asks if he is going to get engaged? A silence falls and no one speaks for a few seconds. The rest of the conversation was not released in the preview, so you can image where this is going.

Through the season, Brad has been in knots when it came down to reassuring the women on “The Bachelor.” He wanted desperately not to hurt any of the ladies feelings. This started with Brad right from the first time he needed to send the women home.

Brad has gotten a bad rap for his very rude and hurtful exit from the first time he was on “The Bachelor.” In part, this was deserved because the situation was totally self induced on his part. He came on to this season having to prove himself more than any of the other “Bachelors” in the history of the show.

This has been a tough road for Brad. He did have a few incidents on this season where his actions were questionable. One such questionable strategy was when Brad was leading the three final ladies into thinking that each of them were the one he sees himself with in the future. This was not a good thing to do on his part and fans started questioning his sincerity once again.

This being said, when his twin brother, Chad, talks about him this evening, you will hear how he sees the changes in Brad since the last “Bachelor” season he was on.

Brad’s identical twin brother, Chad (yes, Brad and Chad) talks about Brad’s changes since the last show he was on and really advocates for his brother. Chad appears very sincere and even though the words are coming from Brad’s look a like, Chad makes his thoughts on Brad very believable.

Brad’s family appears to adore him, but it is not like they put him on a pedestal. His family appears to have missed him very much while he has been away filming “The Bachelor” 2011. The family is not without their concerns about Brad jumping into marriage via a reality contest show, but they listen and weigh what Brad has to say.

One concern that Brad’s mother brings up is if Brad is ready to be both a new husband and a new father to a 6 year old little girl, if he chooses Emily? Tonight we will hear what Brad has to say to that.

Today is the day, only hours remain for “The Bachelor” to hand over that final rose and hopefully get down on one knee and ask his pick to be his wife!

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