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Bachelorette Ashley not to date men who cry

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“The Bachelorette” 2011 will air in May, and the most anticipated question surrounding the season was answered last night. The 2011 “Bachelorette” was announced and she is Ashley Herbert from the 2011 season of “The Bachelor.”

Ashley was one of the final three women left of the “The Bachelor” this season, with Brad making history on the show by letting Ashley go before the rose ceremony. He canceled the pre-rose cocktail party and talked to Ashley privately to say good-bye.

Originally a New Englander who was born in Maine, Ashley is a dentist in Philadelphia. She is sweet young woman who became one of the fans favorites early on. Brad was very smitten with her from the beginning, but the romance waned toward the end of the show.

The viewers never saw Ashley’s video taped message to Brad that he watched before making his decision to say good by to her. It was actually Ashley who had doubts that the two were right for each other. Their final date was not a good one, each seemed to try and bring back the spark they felt when first meeting on “The Bachelor” but it was to no avail.

When ABC set up to cast the role of the next “Bachelorette,” they said that the fans will play a big part in making the choice. Ashley Herbert quickly became the forerunner when Brad dismissed her from the Bachelor.

Ashley will come onto the “Bachelorette” show with some empathy for the men, because she was in their place on “The Bachelor.” The “Bachelorette” is much different than it’s partner show, “The Bachelor.” Although the format is basically the same, the men seem to take it more as a competition than do the women. There is not as much crying with the contestants on “The Bachelorette” in comparison to “The Bachelor.”

The announcement of the new “Bachelorette” was made on Jimmy Kimmel live last night. Looking as beautiful as ever, Ashley was a good sport when Jimmy Kimmel had a comical “swearing in” ceremony for the ex- “Bachelor” contestant. “Do you solemnly swear to date 25 men simultaneously?” Was the first line in Jimmy Kimmel’s pretend pledge. The comedy routine got a lot of laughs, and Ashley laughed along with everyone.

Jimmy Kimmel had some funny quips in his pledge such as, “do you promise to say the word amazing between 8-40 times in every show, “do you promise not to fall in love with a guy who wears a Speedo,” and “do you promise not to fall in love with a guy the cries on a date unless he is being stung by bees?” His sense of humor was appreciated by Ashley, which was evident in her “I do” answers after every question in this comedy pledge.

When Ashley showed up on “The Women Tell All” sporting a new hair color and a new hair do, this make over had the rumors flying that she was indeed chosen to be the next “Bachelorette.” It turns out those rumors were right!

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