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The Bachelor's Chantal fell victim to more than just love - food

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"The Bachelor's" Chantal put on 15 pounds while in "The Bachelor" house due to all the food and drink offered.

"The Bachelor" runner up, Chantal O’Brien was fit and trim the night she stepped out of the limousine to first meet Brad Womack, but she started to pack on the pounds.

Chantal O’Brien, the 28 year old Seattle native, gained some weight while appearing as a contestant on “The Bachelor.” By the time she walked up the steps for the final rose ceremony, her dresses were tighter than they were when she got there, according to Hollywood Life.

It was during the “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit shoot that Chantal’s weight gain first became noticeable. Her promo shots that came out when “The Bachelor” girls were first introduced, showed a much thinner Chantal. Her navy blue, final rose dress was pulled tight around her middle showing the start of a rounded belly on the last night of the show.

Chantal fell pray to the unhealthy eating habits in “The Bachelor” house. What else did the women have to do while waiting on Brad’s beckoned call, but eat! “The Bachelor” house offers tons of food and alcohol and before you know it you are packing on the pounds.

This is not the first time one of the women on these Bachelor / Bachelorette reality shows have put on some weight. Ali Fedotowsky did the same thing. She put on 10 pounds last year. The unlimited gourmet food and alcoholic drinks is sure to do it.

The website Hollywood Life has a poll going asking if you noticed that Chantal put on some weight while on “The Bachelor” show. 85% of the readers said, “yes it was obvious.”

When Chantal returned for “After The Bachelor” show, she already looked as if she was losing the weight. Chantal is the woman who tore at our heart strings on “The Bachelor.” Brad Womack had led her to believe that she was the one and going into that rose ceremony, she was in love.

Her car ride home was probably the hardest to watch in the history of “The Bachelor.” The pain she was experiencing appeared to be very real, it was hard not to feel some of that pain for the young beauty.

On the “After The Bachelor” show it was apparent that Chantal was still harboring a little pain that was left over from the rejection she received from Brad. She cried and said how she really thought they had something going.

Brad Womack said that he felt the most comfortable with Chantal and that every day was an adventure with her. He also said that he could see himself living every day with Chantal by his side. He should have picked Chantal because reports today say that Brad and Emily have split.

After watching the “After The Bachelor Show,” that was no big surprise. The two were about as comfortable with each other as a person sitting on top of a bee hive. The two are fulfilling their contract by pretending to be a couple, but OK Magazine reports today that they have parted ways. It is all for show now until the contract terms are up? Brad might be wishing he made a different choice today.

Reference: Hollywood Life

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