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Celebrity Apprentice verbal cat fight festering and due to blow

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Celebrity Apprentice is sure to keep the fans attention tonight with the verbal cat fight festering among the women of this season's reality show.

Too many queen bee’s is a strategy yet to work for “Celebrity Apprentice’s” team of indignant women so far this season. With pushy Star Jones and Dionna Warwick, who tries to rule the roost as if everyone is beneath her, there is sure to be a war of words this week.

Now that Nene Leakes recently ripped into Star Jones on “Ellen” we know her true feelings about her fellow teammates so we can’t count her out for contributing to a battle of the words.

“Celebrity Apprentice” has been an eye opener when it comes to “C-list” and fading stars. These idols are just plain human, some with attributes that are down right mean. Dionne Warwick snapping at Niki Taylor, “I got your number hussy” says a lot about the faded Queen of Motown. Warwick is not nice, and quite frankly, she ca be rude.

This week should be a three ring circus with Jones, Warwick and Leakes. The resentment and anger is bubbling up from bellow and chances are we will be seeing it blow like “Old Faithful.”

The men of “Celebrity Apprentice” are a study. Gary Busey, bless his little heart, is just a mess when it comes to organizing anything including himself. Although the men won last week, it was mainly due to the overwork of John Rich and Meatloaf. Although Jose Canseco looked good while doing nothing, he did nothing!

“Celebrity Apprentice” has not done the fans any favors by putting Dionne Warwick, Gary Busey or Jose Canseco on the show this season. These super celebrities that faded out of pop culture did so with fans having fond memories to keep. Bringing these three back into the spotlight and showing us who they really are, rips those memories to shreds.

It is just like the middle aged woman’s memories crumbling apart when looking at the pictures of her old flame on Facebook. The wavy haired, muscle bound football player, who was her first love, is now bald, fat and aged. The mind now has to work overtime to bring the old pictures back to front and center for trips down memory lane. The old, fat and aging picture is the one that inevitably forces its way in.

Facebook is destroying those memories, just like “Celebrity Apprentice” has ripped apart the memories we had of the Queen of Motown, Dionne Warwick. She is not as nice as we thought she was! Canseco, the heart throb of days gone by, is about as useful as a door stop. Then there is Gary Busey, who lost his way and just never seem to fully return.

“Celebrity Apprentice” did nothing but reinforce our thoughts on Star Jones, who was never very nice on any venue that she appeared on. Nene Leakes, she is the cat ready to bounce and this may be the week she does this.

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