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DWTS Mike and Lacey sexual moves earns network warning

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DWTS dancing partners, Mike and Lacey, get a warning from the network to tone down the sexual moves in their dancing routines.

This starts the “DWTS” 2011 season out with a bang for Mike Catherwood and Lacey Schwimmer. This “DWTS” couple is not making it in the scoring department with the judges, but they sure are doing some scoring when it comes to sexy moves. This sexual chemistry has earned them the first network warning this season.

“DWTS” couples have had a sexual spark in their dancing routines and when partners have chemistry it only adds to the dancing, but it appears Mike and Lacey might be pushing the envelope.

In a recent interview with Radaronline, Lacy says that the “DWTS” stage chemistry that she and Mike share is real. “We definitely have a connection whether either one of us want to admit this or not,” Lacy said.

Mike Catherwood does have a girlfriend, but they are on a rocky road, according to Radaronline. This latest news about the chemistry of Lacy and Mike, might just work in pushing his “rocky relationship” with his girlfriend over the edge?

Mike and Lacey have not been shy around the “DWTS” set and have been opening flirting with one another. Mike said recently that “the best part about the dancing routine was grabbing Lacy’s butt.”

In Lacy’s Radaronline interview she said that “we would make a great couple,” when talking about her relationship with Mike. She also shared that she “has seen every part of his body.” This does get one wondering where this “DWTS” dance pro was going with this statement since she did not elaborate.

Mike and Lacey’s dance routine was awarded low scores from the judges last week. They need to work on their dance routine a little bit more for tonight’s show. They have the chemistry down, now the hard part comes - dancing.

Mike Catherwood is known as “Psycho Mike” on his LA radio show. Born and raised in LA, was a punk rock and hard rock fan growing up, which he later put to good use on the radio. Mike Catherwood is on the radio show “Kevin and Bean Show,” and is also the co-host of “Loveline Radio” with Dr. Drew Pinsky. He has guest hosted on “Regis and Kelly” and “The Daily 10” on the E-Entertainment Channel.

Before his “DWTS” appearance Mike also kept busy with doing voiceover for many commercials. His voice has been heard everywhere from TNT to Major League Baseball on the TV and radio.

Now that the cat is out of the bag that the “DWTS” dance partners of Mike and Lacey may be feeling more than the music, fans can watch for the sexual overtones that these two tend to throw at each other on the stage. Not that it wasn't apparent in the first place. This just puts more entertainment value on “DWTS” season 2011 for the viewers!

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